25+ Best WARFRAME Tips & Tricks For Beginners 2024

Struggling to complete the star chart in Warframe?

Can’t beat that boss no matter what you do?

Then these Warframe tips and tricks will definitely come in handy.

Warframe is one of the first games that made me fall in love with the grinding aspect of RPG games.

Warframe is a very grindy game, but the game also rewards your efforts with amazing loot and incredibly satisfying gameplay.

I spent hundreds of hours playing Warframe over the years, had a lot of fun, and learned a lot about the game as well.

Today, I’m sharing some of the best Warframe tips and tricks I’ve learned while playing the game for multiple years.

1. Loot Everything

Warframe is filled with loot everywhere. So be sure to smash every container along the way to loot everything you can.

Do this from the very first mission you play. Loot plays a major role in Warframe. You’ll need every tiny bit of material, credits, and items you pick up from missions to build weapons and other equipment.

2. Don’t Try To Do Everything

warframe things to do

Warframe is a massive game and it includes dozens and dozens of different things to keep players busy. You could play the game for 2000 hours and still find new things to do. That’s how big this game really is.

It’s normal if you feel overwhelmed by all this but try to take in one thing at a time. In my experience, I try to focus on one aspect of the game at a time.

If I’m building a new warframe, my only goal is to gather resources. If I’m completing a quest, I’m only doing that quest.

Follow this strategy and try one thing at a time. You’ll find Warframe to be much more enjoyable this way.

3. Complete The Star Chart

This may seem obvious, but you need to complete the star chart in order to get to the best parts of the game. Most new players make the mistake of trying to build new warframes after only completing a few planets.

No! You need to complete all the way to at least Neptune to be able to build new Warframes and the best weapons. Because all the materials required to build Warframes are on those planets.

4. Use The Quests Tab

warframe quests tab

When you accept multiple quests, it’s difficult to keep track of them all.

The best place to manage your active missions is the Quests tab in the Codex, which you can access from your orbiter. From here, you can start new quests, change your active quests, and see which quests you’ve completed so far.

Be sure to come here often to check on your progress. In the beginning, keep your focus on the main questline and try not to get distracted by other side quests.

5. Build Stuff To Increase Mastery Rank

warframe building

Mastery Rank is the leveling system used in Warframe. The best weapons and warframes only unlock when you reach a certain level of Mastery Rank in the game.

In order to increase mastery rank, you need to build new weapons and companions. And then level them up to 30. With each level you gain with a new weapon, you earn 100 mastery points.

So build stuff even if you don’t need them. Once you rank them to 30, delete the items from your inventory.

Read my Warframe leveling guide to learn how to rank gear fast.

6. Build Boltor, Hek, Ignis, And Orthos


Finding the best weapons to use in the game can be frustrating because there are so many weapons in Warframe. But, don’t let your impulses make your gameplay experience worse. Build the following weapons and you’ll have a much easier experience taking down enemies.

Build Boltor for crowd control. Hek for taking down big bosses with one-shot. Ignis is great for crowd control as well. Use Orthos or Guandao polearm weapons as melee.

All these weapons can be built in the early game between Mastery Rank 2-5.

Check out my guide on best weapons to build first for more tips on building weapons.

7. Learn To Combine Mods

Mods are what make your warframe and weapons stronger. You won’t be able to progress through the game without understanding mods. It takes a lot more than just placing random mods in slots to make the best of them.

Mods also create special effects when you combine them with other mods. For example, when you combine a Toxin mod with an Electricity mod, you get Corrosive damage. It’s really great for taking down armored enemies as this damage type melts armor.

Study up on how damage works in Warframe.

8. Use Endo And Upgrade Mods


Each mod that you equip in your frames and weapons can be upgraded to increase its status effect. And Endo is the resource used to upgrade mods.

You can get Endo by simply completing missions. But not a lot. To get more endo, do the Ayatan treasure hunt missions and sell Ayatan sculptures equipped with Ayatan stars.

I know it’s a lot to take in. Read this guide to understand more about mods.

9. Save Your Platinum

Platinum is the premium currency used in Warframe. You can use it to buy weapons and warframes without having to grind for them. But, you also need platinum to buy warframe and weapon slots. Which you need when adding more new warframes to your collection.

When I first started my playthrough on PS4, I received 250 Platinum for free for being a PS Plus user. And I did my best to save every bit of it to get the more important stuff later into the game.

On PC, you’ll get special offers up to 75% OFF on platinum. When you get a chance, stock up on plat. It’ll come in handy. But, don’t use them unless you really need something so desperately.

You can also earn platinum for free. Follow this guide for info on that.

10. Join A Clan

Joining a clan is more than just about being able to find other players to play with. You also need a clan for other tasks like trading and building specific equipment parts, weapons, warframes, and more.

So join one when you get a chance. Read this guide for more info.

11. Build Rhino And Garuda


Most beginner guides will tell you to build Rhino and Frost. Frost is great for doing defense missions with its snow globe ability. But, other than that, Frost is pretty much slow and useless in regular missions.

Instead, I prefer Rhino for difficult and boss missions. And Garuda for almost every other mission. Rhino is a tanky warframe and he got some great abilities that increase its armor and get a damage buff.

Garuda is a warframe specializing in damage. She basically converts her health into damage. And can create a shield too. I love doing missions using Garuda since I can get a massive damage buff.

You’ll have to grind a lot to build these two frames. I had to go on 26 runs in Fossa in Venus to get all the parts to build Rhino. And it took about a month playing the game daily to build Garuda in Fortuna. But, it’ll be totally worth it.

12. Best Locations For Farming Credits & Affinity

You’ll need both credit and affinity, lots of them, to progress through the game. To farm credits quickly, do 5 rounds of the Seimini mission in Ceres. You’ll get around 25k credits with each run. If you equip a credit booster, you can double that amount.

Go to Helene in Saturn to earn affinity fast. Affinity is what helps you rank up your weapons and warframes to 30. Helene mission will help you get your equipment to 30 in just a couple of runs. Be sure to go with a team. It allows you to earn shared affinity.

Also read my Warframe credit farming guide for more details.

13. Get The K-Drive

K-Drive is like a hoverboard you can use to go around the open world. It’s a must-have when doing bounties and missions in massive open worlds like Orb Vallis.

You can get the K-Drive after completing a few main missions in Fortuna. Once you get it, equip it in your gear wheel to activate the K-Drive when you’re in an open world.

Archwing Launcher is also great for traveling in open worlds. But, you need to level up to Mastery Rank 5 to build it. And it requires a lot of resources. So, K-Drive will help you get around until you get to the Archwing.

14. Go Fishing And Mining


Fishing and mining is my favorite part of playing Warframe. It’s just so peaceful and relaxing. Go to a vendor in Fortuna or Plains of Eidolon to get fishing and mining gear. Then go out and have fun.

You’ll also need the resources you get from fishing and mining to build important equipment like the Archwing Launcher.

15. Use The Codex


Codex is like the bible of Warframe. It has everything you need to know about everything in Warframe.

Can’t find a mod? Search the Codex! Don’t know where to farm warframe parts? Search the Codex! Want to learn about enemies? Search the Codex!

Codex is now much more improved than before and it’s much easier to find your active quests and more info from there.

16. Join A Syndicate

Joining a syndicate is like doing a bonus mission without actually doing the missions. When you join a Syndicate, you get an insignia. When you wear that insignia on your Warframe, you earn points for your selected syndicate.  When you earn enough points, you get to buy special mods and equipment from each syndicate.

There are special mods that could completely transform your experience of the game. Like double the damage of a weapon. Since you can get them for basically doing nothing, it’s worth joining a syndicate. Pick one and just join.

17. Learn to Trade

Trading can be a useful way to find mods and Prime warframe parts without having to grind for hours. Once you join a clan, you can trade items using the trading post in the clan dojo.

You can also trade and sell items by going to Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars.

My how to trade in Warframe guide has more details on this process.

18. Do The Weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt


Speaking or Maroo, be sure to pay her a visit every week and do the Ayatan treasure hunt. When you complete a treasure hunt you earn an Ayatan sculpture. Which you can sell to earn some quick Endo to upgrade your mods.

19. Keep An Eye On Nightwave Missions


Nightwave is like the battle pass system for Warframe. You can do daily and weekly missions to earn rewards. It’s a fun way to play the game too.

Keep an eye on the Nightwave offerings. Those are the special loot you can buy from Nightwave credits. These offerings get refreshed every week and sometimes include rare and useful resources and mods. Be sure to grab them.

20. Farm Relics And Save Ducats

When you complete some types of missions, like defense missions, you’ll earn Relics. You need to open these to complete some planets. They are also used to find Prime weapon and warframe parts.

Whenever you can, look for fissures missions and use them to open Relics. Save up all the prime parts you can. Then go to a relay and sell them for Ducats. Why? I’ll tell you in the next tip.

21. Meet Baro Kiteer

Baro Kiteer is like Xur from Destiny. Baro is a trader who only comes around once every two weeks. He always brings some rare mods, warframe cosmetics, armor, and lots more.

He only deals with Ducats. So be sure to farm fishers whenever you can and save Ducats to buy stuff from Baro when he surfaces.

22. Use Resource Extractors

I only learned about this recently and wish I had known it a long time ago. Resource extractors are special equipment you can build to extract resources on a planet automatically.

Once you complete all the missions on a planet, you can place a resource extractor to extract any resource found on the planet. Lots and lots of them. Without having to do missions over and over again.

You can buy the blueprints for extractors from the market.

23. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Remember to use the Recruitment chat to find help or find a team to do particular missions. If you’re stuck on a mission or having trouble beating a boss, open the chat and ask for help. You’d be surprised how many kind players are out there. They always offer help.

24. Check Out Warframe.Market

warframe market

Usually, the only way to buy and trade stuff is to use the trade chat in-game. Most of the sellers on chat are also very greedy as well. But, if you have platinum to spare, you can buy stuff for super cheap from the Waframe.Market website.

This is an unofficial website where sellers list items on sale. All you have to do is search for the item you want, copy the text, and paste it in the in-game chat to contact the seller.

25. Explore Open-World Maps

One of the best things about Warframe is its open-world maps, like the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. These open worlds have tons of resources and items you can collect, which are useful when leveling up your standings with each faction.

Be sure to explore these lands on your own. I often go to Plains to fish and mine. It’s quite relaxing.

26. Finish The Campaign

Don’t forget to progress in the campaign missions and complete the story so far.

Warframe received one of the biggest expansions recently with new story missions and equipment to obtain. So make sure to make your way all the way through to the New War.

27. Rank Up Syndicate Standing

You will also come across factions and syndicates while exploring Warframe. You can choose to represent one or more of these syndicates to rank up your standing with them to earn a currency. This currency can then be used to buy exclusive items like mods and weapon blueprints from these syndicates.

For example, Solaris United is the syndicate that represents Fortuna. Ranking Solaris United standing will allow you to unlock blueprints and other rewards.

28. Learn To Be Patient

Warframe is a game made to test your patience. When building warframes and weapons, you’ll have to wait days until they’re finished building.

Don’t cave in and use platinum to speed up the building process. Save the plat. Just learn to be patient. Go do other missions and find resources to build other items.

Know any other cool Warframe tricks? Share one with us in the comments.