Loot and Grind is a brand new blog dedicated to covering grindy RPGs, ARPGs, MMORPGs, and Looter Shooters.

We cover all kinds of games from AAA titles to indie games and decades-old hidden gems. You’ll find plenty of stuff to read about, top 10 lists, tips and guides, and discover new games here.

Unlike other gaming blogs, we don’t cover all news or rumors. Instead, we try to focus on just a few of our favorite games and cover them in-depth to offer more detailed guides for beginners and experts alike.

The blog is founded and run by GandalfTheGamer, who has an unhealthy obsession with looter-shooters and grindy games like ESO, Fallout 4, Warframe and Destiny 2. If you’re one of the few geeks who love playing loot and grind games, follow us and let’s explore some cool games.

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