Here at Loot and Grind, we’ve been covering guides, tips, and reviews for games since 2019. We are specialists in games with a grind and we love covering RPGs, ARPGs, MMORPGs, and Looter Shooters.

Our main goal is to provide guides and helpful resources for beginners to make the most of their favorite games. To find cool ways to farm resources, to complete missions more easily, and even level up faster to get to the end game.

We prefer to focus on specific games that we actually play every day, rather than trying to cover every game out there. Which is why our site has categories for each game we cover.

Unlike most other gaming blogs, we actually play these games and put in our time before writing these guides. And we guarantee they work!

We don’t have a team of writers to churn out content daily. It’s run by two gamers. Loot And Grind was founded by GandalfTheGamer, who is also the editor of the site. He has an unhealthy obsession with looter-shooters and grindy games like ESO, Elite Dangerous, and Warframe. He also gets help from his wife, ArwenTheGamer, who specializes in covering guides for farming sims.

One thing we can promise to you is that we are authentic. We do not write guides to get clicks. We write because we enjoy games and we want to share that with others!


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