warframe level up weapons fast

WARFRAME: How To Level Up Weapons and Warframes Fast

Leveling up your warframes and weapons in Warframe can be a long and boring process if you stick with the traditional ways.

In this guide, I share a few tips to help speed up the process.

With this method, you’ll be able to level up your weapons and frames in 15 to 20 minutes. Or even less.

Let’s dive into the guide.

How Leveling Works In Warframe

Warframe uses something called Affinity for advancing your weapons and warframes to each level. It’s similar to EXPerience systems used in RPGs.

Whenever you complete a mission, you earn affinity, which gets split between the weapons, warframe, companions, and the other items you’ve equipped.

For example, if you earned 100,000 affinity from a mission and you have a gun and a melee weapon equipped, that total will split 3 ways between your warframe, gun, and the melee weapon.

If you wait for a weapon or a frame to level up on its own while you do other missions, it will take a long time. Thankfully, there are a few ways to level your items faster.

Step 1: Equip Only The Item You Want To Level Up

Since affinity gets split between your equipment, you’ll waste most of the affinity you earn from a mission if you bring other weapons or sentinels to a mission.

warframe level up weapons equipment

So the first thing you need to do is get rid of all the weapons, companions, sentinels, and equipment.

If you’re leveling a warframe, select the frame and equip a weapon to defend yourself.

If you’re leveling a weapon, select a warframe like Saryn or Volt, and equip only the weapon you want to level up.

Step 2: Get Into A Squad

Before heading into a mission, you should get into a squad.

When you’re in a squad, you increase the amount of affinity you earn. If you have 3 other players in the team, you’ll earn 3x more affinity from killing enemies.

warframe level up weapons chat

You can easily find a squad for XP farming in the Recruit chat or via the Warframe Discord. Or simply let the Warframe matchmake into a team.

Get a Saryn, Volt, or any other frame with AoE ability and you’ll be able to finish missions much faster without an effort.

Step 3: Do 10 Rounds In Helene, Saturn

The best mission for affinity farming is the Defence mission in Helene, Saturn. Since this mission is accessible in early game, it’s perfect for beginners as well.

warframe level weapons helene

Simply head into the mission with your team and the weapons equipped. And survive 10 rounds in the mission.

After 10 rounds, head out. You will have to repeat this mission 2-3 times to fully level up your weapon or warframe from 0 to 30.

Step 4 (optional): Buy An Affinity Booster

There is, however, a way to double and even quadruple the amount of affinity you earn from a mission.

warframe level weapons affinity booster

If you have some extra Platinum lying around, buy an Affinity Booster from the in-game market. It will double the amount of total affinity you earn from the mission.

If you don’t have Platinum, wait for a double-affinity event.

Or, better yet, wait for a double-affinity event and then also buy an affinity booster. This will quadruple (4X) your total affinity earned. I used this tactic to level up more than 20 weapons and frames.

I hope you’ll find this guide helpful. Be sure to let me know if you know any other methods for leveling weapons.