warframe how to farm credits

Warframe: How To Farm Credits (100k In 10 Minutes)

Are you looking for the easiest method to farm credits in Warframe? Then I have a simple solution to farm millions of credits solo and without any help from other players.

In Warframe, you’ll constantly run out of credits because you need credits for everything from buying blueprints to crafting. So knowing how to farm credits is important for progressing in the game.

The most common method players use to farm credits in Warframe is to jump into the Index.

I’ve always found the Index to be frustrating and you usually have to find a team to do it with you. And the reward is not really worth all the anxiety of fighting enemies and running around.

Instead, I use the other less popular method to farm credits. That is to grind the Seimini mission in Ceres.

There are a couple of ways you can leverage other aspects of the game to make the best of farming. I’ll show you how.

Step 1: Grind Semini, Ceres

warframe credit farming 1

Semini is one of the easiest missions in Warframe. And completing the mission rewards you with around 23- 25K credits per run.

You only need to survive 5 waves of infested to earn the rewards. After 5 waves, quit the mission and replay it.

warframe credit farming 3

And it only takes less than 4 minutes, if you have the right tools. I’ve done 3.06 runs with Saryn.

Step 2: Use The Right Tools

Having the right tools will help you grind this mission much faster and without effort.

By tools, I mean the right Warframe and weapons.

warframe credit farming 2

If you have the Ignis or Ignis Wraith, you won’t need any help from the Warframe. You can just sit on top of some structure and blast the infested that comes near you.

Or, you can bring a frame with an AOE ability. Like Saryn or Volt. Depending on your build, you’ll be able to beat dozens of enemies at once. No effort.

Either way works fine so do what you’re comfortable with.

Step 3: First Mission Of The Day

In Warframe, the first mission you play after logging in for the day gives you double credits.

So when you login to Warframe, make sure to do the Semini mission every day before anything else. This will give you around 50K credits, instantly.

warframe credit farming 4

After grabbing that 50K, replay the mission 2 more times and you’ll have yourself 100K in your bank. It usually takes me less than 10 minutes thanks to Ignis Wraith.

Step 4 (Optional): Use Boosters

If you have extra Platinum, buy a credit booster. It will double your credits for each mission.

warframe credit farming 5

This means every time you do the Semini mission, you’ll earn around 50K credits.

And, it also means when you do the mission with the booster after logging in for the first time, you’ll earn 100K credits at once.

Warframe often gives credit boosters as login rewards as well

Step 5 (Optional): Wait For A Double Credits Event

If you keep an eye on Warframe Twitter and social channels, you’ll know when the game is running double credits events. These events are perfect for credit farming.

You can even use a premium credit booster on top of the event bonus to get a 4X credit boost stack. I’ve once used the same method to earn 2 million credits in less than an hour.

Sure, you can earn credits faster by doing the Index. But it’s not a very solo-friendly mission and there’s a risk involved. With Semini, you can do it solo and without the added anxiety.

Hope this helps. If I find any other new methods, I’ll be sure to share them here.