FALLOUT 76: Best Build & Leveling Guide For Beginners

Fallout 76 player base is growing fast and new players are joining this great MMORPG every day.

If you’re also new to Fallout 76, getting started on a proper build from the beginning of the game is very important.

In this post, I’m sharing a simple leveling guide and a build you can use in Fallout 76.

I’ve put in lots of hours into F76 on PS4 and as well as on PC.

I’ve been trying out a new build  for my PC character and managed to avoid all the mistakes I did on my PS4 playthrough.

This build is simple, beginner-friendly, and worked great for me when tackling all the campaign mission as a solo player.

Which Perks To Get First?

Whenever you hit a new level in F76, you’ll be awarded a chance to get a new perk card and equip new perks.

If you’re not familiar with Fallout, these perks are like Skill points in other RPGs. They give you buffs and abilities.

For this build, I’m going for a shotgun and sniper-based build. It worked best in both my playthroughs of the game.

fallout 76 perks

As you can see I prioritized the shotgun perks to increase damage output. And got a few other accompanying perks too.

fallout 76 shotgunner

You don’t have to follow these exact perk build. Customize it to your preference. But I recommend getting the Shotgunner and Expert Shotgunner perks and max them out.

fallout 76 enforcer

Also, get Skeetshooter and Enforcer perks.

These will boost the power of shotguns by over 40%. You can basically take down most enemies with just one headshot with VATS.

Here are some of the other perks worth getting with the rest of the points:

  • Lead Belly
  • Lone Wanderer
  • Serendipity
  • Action Boy
  • Rifleman

Best Weapons: Shotgun and Rifles

I went with a Shotgun and a sniper rifle for my build.

fallout 76 shotgun

Shotguns are easier to find in the early game. And they are perfect for close-quarter combat.

I used the sniper rifle for long-range shots. When you shoot while sneaking, you can do 2X damage. You’ll come across sniper rifles later in the game. Until then, use a hunting rifle.

Now let’s get to the build guide.

Note: Look for “vampire” weapons in player vendor shops. These weapons heal you when dealing damage to enemies. They will keep you alive even when dealing with dangerous monsters.

Levels 1-10: Save Your Ammo and Stimpacks

fallout 76 build 1

Don’t worry about getting the best weapons or gear when starting out.

You’ll find plenty of weapons when you beat enemies. Equip them as you please and focus on having fun.

In the early game, focus on finishing the main missions. It acts as a tutorial of sorts so the main mission will teach you the ins and outs of the game.

While you follow the main missions, you’ll also level up really fast.

You’ll go from 0 to level 10 in just a couple of hours or even less.

Use melee weapons whenever you can and save the ammo. Also, save your Stimpacks as they are hard to come by.

Levels 10-20: Grab a Shotgun

fallout 76 build 3

Shotguns are going to be your main weapon of choice. In my experience, they do the most damage and with the right perks, they will make it much easier to take down any enemy.

So grab a few shotguns and use them to mow down all those Scorched zombies. It will make it easier to handle herds as well.

Keep focusing on following the main quests. Try side-quests if you like but I like to save them for last.

Right now, your goal should be to reach level 20 because that’s when the Overseer missions start. It’s the best part of the game.

Levels 20-30: Buy Ammo and Build A CAMP

fallout 76 build 2

Before you start the Overseer missions, make sure to stock up on ammo.

You’ll often run out of ammo in F76 and farming for ammo or crafting them is a bit of a grind. Don’t worry about that for now.

I buy ammo from player shops. Hop into a few player shops until you find cheap prices. You can usually buy any ammo type for 1cap each.

If you’ve been following the main quests, you should have some caps right now. Use them to buy ammo. Read my cap farming guide for more info.

Or ask a high-level player for some spare ammo. You’ll be surprised how kind they can be.

Also, now is a good time to build a proper CAMP and setup all the crafting tables.

Scrap all the junk in your inventory and store them in the Stash.

The Overseer missions are tough and they’ll take you all over the map. So be prepared.

Levels 30-50: Complete The Side-Quests

fallout 76 build 4

You’ll be able to complete the main missions by the time you hit around 30 to 35.

There are lots more missions to do like completing the Ally quests, side-quests, events, and more.

Once you’re done with the main quests, go through the side-missions, one by one.

Getting to level 50 will take some time. So don’t rush it. Just try to enjoy the journey.

Once you hit Level 50, you can focus on finding legendary weapons, gear, and enhancing your build.

And that’s a story for another time.

Your journey doesn’t end here, though. You can keep leveling your character for as long as you like. I’ve seen players at 3,000 or 4,000 level.

Remember To Have Fun

One negative aspect about Fallout 76 is its lack of solid endgame content.

Once you complete all the main and side missions, there’s really not a lot to do in the game. You can do public events, work on different builds, and build cool bases. But that’s just about it.

So my advice for you is not to rush the game. Take your time and enjoy the looting and crafting. As well as the missions.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the game beyond endgame if you find something to enjoy in the game, whether it’s to team up with a friend to go on a loot run or experiment with builds.

Be sure to read my F76 leveling tips to learn how to level up fast.