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Fallout 76 Leveling Guide: 8 Ways To Level Up Fast In 2024

If you’re struggling to level up your new character in Fallout 76 to get to the endgame content, these methods will help you level up fast.

Fallout 76 is a great game with a massive map to explore. The only problem is you need to level up to at least level 50 before you can fully explore the map.

Otherwise, you get destroyed by high-level enemies in different parts of the map.

Leveling in Fallout 76 is actually quite enjoyable once you figure out how to utilize the right methods.

Here are a few methods I still use to level up fast in Fallout 76.

1. Get Some Sleep

fallout 76 tips - sleep

When you first load into the game, go get some sleep before you do anything else. And sleep until you see the well-rested notification. This gives you a tiny 5% boost for XP.

It may seem small but at this point, you should take any advantage you can get to earn some bonus XP.

2. Use Lunchboxes

fallout 76 lunchbox

Lunchboxes are another great way to get an incredible XP boost. When you open a lunchbox, you get 25% Very Well Rested XP bonus. And it can stack up to 4 times.

This means if you open 4 lunchboxes at a time, you’ll get a +100% XP bonus. Actually, it caps at 75% bonusXP so avoid opening more than 3 boxes at a time.

It will last a little over an hour. More than enough time to go through the route below.

Lunchboxes can be acquired for free by progressing through the Seasons. If you wait for a double XP event to use the Lunchboxes, you can get a 200% XP bonus.

3. Farming the DMV

f76 dmv map

After getting some sleep and opening a couple of lunch boxes (if you have any), go to the DMV building and run the DMV ticket machine. The DMV is in the Charleston Capitol Building.

If you haven’t done this mission already, it’s sort of a funny repeatable mission that spawns waves of ghouls that come at you. Apparently, these ghouls were people waiting at the DMV when the nuclear explosion happened.

f76 dmv farm

This is a great spot for farming XP. Just enter the DMV building and start the Number Calling System. Do the Department B first and then once it’s done start C. Kill all the incoming ghouls.

f76 dmv farm 2

It’ll earn a huge chunk of XP. After that, just explore the building by going through the door on the right. There will be more ghouls waiting for you, including a legendary one.

Beat them all and once you’re done, log off from the server and log back in. Repeat the same until you level up as much as you want.

4. Plan Your Route

fallout 76 xp farming map
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This is a useful map made by Twitter user Angry Turtle. It gives you a clear route with specific places you can go to farm XP by defeating enemies.

It’s pretty straightforward and even shows you what type of enemies you’ll encounter and how much XP you can earn from them as well.

5. Fight Enemy Waves at Workshops


Sadly, there are no magic tricks or hacks for earning XP fast in Fallout 76. You have to do it the old-fashioned way by taking down enemies and completing missions.

Killing enemies is the best way to earn XP in Fallout 76 but you have to kill dozens of enemies at a time to make it work.

Obviously, traveling from one place to the next to find and kill enemies is tedious and time-consuming work. So instead, liberate some Workshops.

Liberating workshops start events that ask you to defend them against incoming enemies. Different types of enemies will surround your workshop one wave at a time. All you have to do is sit and take them down.

It’s really easy. Just watch out for other players who might start PVP with you.

Unlock 2 or 3 workshops at a time so you can jump between them while waiting for one workshop to start another event.

6. Do Daily Missions


Doing the dailies is my favorite part of Fallout 76. They are so easy to complete that it’s become a chore for me. And they earn pretty decent amounts of XP. Along with some bonus Caps.

Once you do a daily mission once, you know exactly what to do the next time. So this is a pretty easy way to earn XP fast.

7. Wait For Double XP Weekends

Of course, the best, easiest, and fastest method to level up in Fallout 76 is to wait for a double XP weekend.

Keep an eye out for news and announcements to see if there’s a double XP weekend coming up in Fallout 76. They actually happen quite often in the game. And it basically allows you to earn XP twice as much for everything you do in the game.

Do the Workshop waves during a double XP event and you’ll fly past the levels like it’s nothing.

8. Play In A Group

If you’re not a solo player like me, then it’s best to jump into a group with friends or even a public group to play Fallout 76. Because it allows you to earn XP pretty easily while doing minimum work.

When you join a Casual Team, it will help give you an Intelligence boost. This will give you more XP for completing missions.

You can also join Events Teams to gain more XP by doing public events.

Most players on Fallout 76 are very friendly so they’ll be happy to tag you along even if you’re still a low-level character.

Bonus: 5 Extra Tips To Level Up Fast

Here are a few tips to help you level up efficiently and effectively.

Focus on Main Quests

Completing main quests not only advances the story but also rewards significant XP. Start with the “Wayward” quests and the Overseer’s missions to get a solid XP boost.

Engage in Public Events

Public events like “Encryptid” or “A Colossal Problem” are gold mines for XP. They’re a great way to earn experience, loot, and currency while meeting other players.

Complete Daily and Weekly Challenges

Daily and weekly challenges offer consistent XP gains. Check your challenges list regularly to knock them out while exploring.

Explore and Find New Locations

Each new location you discover gives a small XP reward. This adds up quickly when you’re scouting multiple places across the Appalachia map.

Craft and Scrap Regularly

Crafting and scrapping gear will increase your crafting skills, provide components, and generate XP. Make sure to collect junk and craft items to gain the benefits.

Join a Team with the ‘Inspirational’ Perk

When teamed up, the “Inspirational” perk can increase your XP gain by up to 15%. This bonus stacks with other XP multipliers.

Prioritize Intelligence Perks

High Intelligence leads to higher XP gains from crafting and quests. Choose perks like “First Aid” or “Gunsmith” to boost Intelligence.

Grind Enemies at High-Spawn Areas

Locations like West Tek Research Center and Whitespring Resort have high concentrations of enemies. Clearing them can net you tons of XP quickly.

In Conclusion

One thing I recommend to everyone is not to rush the game. Getting to the endgame in Fallout 76 may sound exciting but once you get there you’ll notice there isn’t much to do in the endgame.

So try to enjoy your playthrough as much as you can. Do the side-quests, main campaign, some base building, and take things slow.