Sims4 how to write articles

Sims 4: How To Write Articles (Step by Step Guide)

One of the best things about Sims 4 is we can try out many kinds of careers to earn money. Apart from jobs, we can make extra money by doing many other things as well.

If you choose the writer career, you have to write articles. If you’ve had stylish influencer sims before, you may have noticed that they can also write fashion articles as their daily tasks. But in the writer career, writing articles is not like writing fashion articles.

In this post, I will discuss how to write articles as a writer and as a stylish influencer.

Why Write Articles?

Writing articles is one of the daily tasks that should be fulfilled by your writer sim in order to get a promotion.

Also, if your sim is a stylish influencer, they should also write fashion articles to get a promotion.

Whether your sims are writers or stylish influencers, when they write articles, they can make extra money by submitting them.

How to Write Articles in Writer Career

join writer career

Basically, your sims can write articles if they join the careers Writer and Stylish influencer. Also. your sims need a computer to write an article.

You can simply join your sims to the above-mentioned careers in three ways.

First, you can select the job by clicking the career option on the right side of the screen.

Secondly, you can use the mobile which appears on the left side, and select the business icon. Then you can join the jobs.

Thirdly, you can use the computer or laptop and click the career option, and select the “find a job” option. After that, you can join the careers you want.

If you decide to enroll your sims in a writing career, at level 5, you should select whether they follow the authoring branch or journalist branch.

If you select the authoring branch, you need to write books and level up your logical and writing skills as your daily tasks.

But if you select the journalist branch, you need to write articles and level up your charisma skills and writing skills.

Step 1: Buy A Computer

buy a computer

If your sims are enrolled in a stylish influencer career, you already know how to write a fashion article. It is very simple and you just need to click on the computer and select the “career” option. After that, you can select the “write fashion articles” option. But as a writer, you can not write an article like that. Let me show you how.

First, you need to buy a computer or laptop using the building mode. Then place it in your house.

Step 2: Gain Charisma

gain charisma

Then, you need to talk with other sims. This may increase the charisma level of your sims. You can click on the other sims and do a friendly introduction to them.

By clicking on the friendly interactions, you will find an “Interview for a story”. Click on it and your writer sim will interview the other sims. At the notification bar, it will appear the traits of the sims you interviewed.

Step 3: Interview Other Sims

interview other sims

If you need to write an article for the very first time, you need to interview 4 sims.

Step 4: Write The Article

Write articles

After interviews, you can click on the computer and again click the “write” option. After that, you will appear “Write positive articles” and “write negative articles”.

Then you can write articles and at the end of the writing, you will have your money. Approximately, you can earn between $150-$200 per article. Whether you write a positive or negative article about the sims, you will receive the same amount.

However, if you write a negative article about a sim, it will affect your relationship with that sim.

How to Write Articles in the Stylish Influencer Career

If your sim is a stylish influencer, at level 4, they can write fashion articles as their daily tasks.

My sims made more than $100,000 within their lifetime, just only writing fashion articles.

Again, you want a computer or laptop to write fashion articles. After that, click on the “career” option and select “Write fashion articles”.

Then you can write fashion articles and submit them. If it is good you will receive the payment and if it is not your articles will be rejected.

Approximately, some days I received $1000 per article.

In Conclusion,

As you can see, writing articles as a writer and as a stylish influencer is really an easy job. You can make a lot of extra money by these steps as well as promote.