undecember vs diablo immortal 2


If you look at the Steam reviews for Undecember, you’ll see that many players have compared the game to Diablo Immortal.

Well, they are not wrong. Undecember and Diablo Immortal have many similarities.

They are both ARPGs, they are both free-to-play games, have heavy monetization, and have terrible pay-to-win elements.

So why would anyone play these games? Because despite the P2W elements, they are really fun. And honestly, I enjoyed both games without spending any money on the P2W stuff. If you’re a casual player like me, I’m sure you will enjoy them too.

But once I started playing Undecember, I uninstalled Diablo Immortal. I didn’t realize how bad Diablo Immortal is until I played Undecember. Here’s why.

How Bad Is The Pay To Win?

The short answer: It’s really bad.

Diablo Immortal shop

Diablo Immortal has the most predatory pay-to-win elements I’ve ever seen in any game. It basically forces you to buy stuff every time you login to the game.

Finding resources to upgrade your gear and gems is even worse. You have to grind hours upon hours to be competitive as a free-to-play player.

Things are pretty much similar in Undecember but it’s not as predatory as Diablo Immortal.

undecember shop 2

You can buy most of the important resources in the game with real money to level up your gear and upgrade without effort. There are lots of other “convenience” items in the cash shop to help you get ahead faster as well.

Overall, Undecember is not as forceful with its microtransactions as Diablo Immortal.

  • Winner: Undecember

Which Game Is Most Rewarding?

When playing Diablo Immortal, sometimes it felt like a chore to me.

If you want to upgrade gems and gear, you have to grind and replay dungeons over and over again. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t.

undecember loot

But with Undecember, my experience has been completely opposite. Every hour I played the game felt rewarding. I was able to gather so many resources to upgrade my runes and gear just by playing the game.

When it comes to how rewarding it feels to play the game, Undecember is the clear winner.

  • Winner: Undecember

Most Fun Gameplay Mechanics

Both Diablo Immortal and Undecember have great gameplay mechanics. The skills feel fun to play with and every attack lands hard giving that satisfying feeling.

undecember mechanics

I was very happy with the gameplay feel of Diablo Immortal until I played Undecember. Because in Undecember, the animations, skill effects, and the impact of each blow feel much more satisfying.

Actually, Undecember combat feels more fun than even Path of Exile.

  • Winner: Undecember

Classic vs Realistic Graphics

undecember graphics

Undecember features Path of Exile-style realistic graphics. The world looks immersive, the enemies look badass, and every level looks gorgeous to look at.

Diablo Immortal graphics

Diablo Immortal uses classic cartoon-like graphics similar to Diablo 3. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I like both these styles of graphics and artwork.

So I’ll leave it up to you to decide on a winner in this category.

  • Winner: N/A

Classless vs Traditional Classes

Diablo Immortal class

In Diablo Immortal, you get to play as all the traditional ARPG classes. There are barbarian, crusader, wizard, monk, and more options to choose from.

Once you create a character with a class, you are locked into this class forever. You can only equip weapons your class can play and only use skills that are available to your class.

Undecember has a classless system. It has no specific classes. You simply create a character and start playing. You can equip any weapon or skill you like and play however you want.

This offers lots of possibilities for you to try out different types of builds and play styles. And in turn, makes Undecember much more fun to play.

  • Winner: Undecember

Best Overall F2P Experience

Both these games have heavy monetization and P2W elements. But what if you don’t have any money to spend on a game? What if you want to play the game as a free-to-play player?

Well, the good news is you can enjoy the main campaign of both Undecember and Diablo Immortal without spending any money. These campaigns last well over 20 hours.

You only have to spend real money if you want to compete with other players, climb the ladders, or level up faster.

However, Undecember is much more rewarding to play than Diablo Immortal. You can gather resources much easier by playing the game.

The stuff you gather from grinding an entire day in Diablo Immortal can be gathered by playing just one hour in Undecember. At least, that’s how I felt playing these games.

  • Winner: Undecember

Which ARPG Is Best?

Well, now you see why I decided to uninstall Diablo Immortal.

Undecember excels at every aspect and it feels like a superior ARPG to Diablo Immortal in every way.

So which ARPG is best? It’s Path of Exile! That’s right. Go play Path of Exile if you haven’t played it yet. It’s the best.

But between Diablo Immortal and Undecember, I’d highly recommend Undecember. It’s less predatory with pay-to-win stuff. Has fun missions with voice-acted dialog. And resources are easier to find by just playing the game.