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Is PATH OF EXILE (PoE) Worth Playing In 2024?

So, you’ve finally decided to play Path of Exile, a game that was released in 2013.

But now you’re wondering if this game is worth getting into.

Is the game still enjoyable after all these years? Does it feel outdated? Is there people still playing the game?

Well, I asked these questions myself not so long ago. And, you know what, I’ve decided to give Path of Exile a try anyway. I had a blast playing Path of Exile and I still do.

Here’s why I think Path of Exile is worth playing right now.

What is Path of Exile?

path of exile 3

Path of Exile is an action role-playing game (ARPG) available on PC, PS4, and Xbox.

Path of Exile is free to play with optional microtransactions. The game can be played solo or co-op. And it has its own player-run economy where you can trade gear with other players.

Initially, Path of Exile came out as a competitor to Diablo 3. But, slowly this game grew into something bigger that even Blizzard could not have imagined.

After going through numerous updates, graphic enhancements, and improvements, Path of Exile now feels like one of the best ARPGs available today.

If you’ve played ARPGs like Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, you’ll definitely want to check out Path of Exile.

Path of Exile vs Diablo 3

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Path of Exile often gets compared to Diablo 3. While both games are in the same genre, they have different qualities that make them quite different from each other.

In comparison, Diablo 3 has a really great campaign with gorgeous visuals. And out of the two, D3 is the most solo-friendly game.

However, unlike D3, which hasn’t been updated with new content in years, Path of Exile evolved over the years with lots of new content as well as improvements to existing campaign acts, dungeons, and more.

Yes, Diablo 3 still gets those seasonal content but they are about playing the same game for new cosmetics.

Right now, Path of Exile is the more superior ARPG that keeps growing in numbers.

Massive Campaign

Path of Exile has a massive campaign that spans around 30 or more hours.

The campaign has 10 acts and includes many different biomes with challenging enemies and boss battles.

All of this content is completely free to play. And you don’t have to buy any microtransactions to complete the campaign. That’s 30-hours of gameplay for free!

New Content Every 13 Weeks

On top of the massive campaign and end-game activities, Path of Exile also gets updated with a new expansion every 13 weeks.

The expansions, called challenge Leagues, are like seasons in Diablo 3. But Path of Exile Leagues is much more than just cosmetics. Leagues often introduce new gameplay mechanics, NPCs, and additional improvements that make it worth replaying the game.

Each League is active through 13 weeks. And there have been over 32 leagues so far.

This means you can expect to enjoy and replay Path of Exile even after beating the campaign. And it’s still free!

Satisfying Combat and Mechanics

path of exile loot

The main selling point of a great ARPG is satisfying combat and loot.

Each attack you create in the game, each skill you use, and every item you loot has to give you that satisfying feeling.

Path of Exile does this part quite perfectly. Each class has abilities that are very satisfying to use.

Even the tankiest class in the game has very enjoyable skills that will make you feel great every time you slam a hammer on the grown.

Active Player-Base

Even though Path of Exile has been around for many years, it still has a very active player base.

poe steam chart

On Steam alone, Path of Exile sees an average of 40k active players who play the game every day. These numbers go even higher during the release of a new League.

During the Scourge League, Path of Exile hit 254,570 concurrent players on PC.

Path of Exile 2 Is Still Far Away

I took a very long break from Path of Exile and decided to start playing it again recently. But I wasn’t sure if I should get into the game or wait for Path of Exile 2.

That changed when Diablo 4 got delayed again with no release date on the horizon. D4 will likely get released around 2023 or 2024. And I assume Path of Exile 2 will also be released right around the same time to match the competition.

So I decided to play Path of Exile until that time comes. And you should too.

Is PoE Worth Playing?

In conclusion, Path of Exile is a really enjoyable ARPG that offers countless hours of gameplay.

It has a set of entertaining classes with strong mechanics. Has tons of end-game activities. And seasonal Leagues to keep you busy all around the year.

And you get all this stuff for free! So yes, Path of Exile is totally worth it!