Undecember best build for beginners

UNDECEMBER: Best Build For Beginners (Tank Build Guide)

Undecember features a classless system. It allows you to change weapons, skills, and play your character any way you want.

Even though this gives you the freedom to play different builds, it could also confuse new players and make their first playthrough experience much harder.

When playing a new ARPG or MMO for the first time, I always recommend you to use a tank build for the first playthrough.

When using a tank build, you can experience the campaign and the story missions for the first time without having to worry about dying every ten minutes.

That’s exactly what this build is about and it’s the best build for beginners in Undecember.

Note: The gameplay video is embedded down below

A Traditional Tank Build

I made this build to be sort of like a traditional berzerker build. It’s tanky, deals a ton of damage, has better survivability, and can take you through the campaign without an issue.

But, this is a close-range melee build. So it’s not as fun as playing other range character builds. Use this build to go through the first playthrough and then you can try other builds for a more fun experience.

Alright, let’s dive in.

Skill & Support Runes

undecember skill runes
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These are the skill runes and support runes you’ll be using for this character.

You will find some of these runes as mission rewards and others you can buy from the Rune vendor in different city hubs.

Fissure (Spammable)

This is the skill you will be using to kill enemies. Just equip it to the Right mouse button and spam it until the enemies go down.

Fissure won’t be available to you in the very beginning. Until you get this rune, you can use Earth Blow. But get Fissure as soon as you can.

Support Runes:

  • Quick Attack
  • Convert Fire Damage (it can also be lightning or ice)
  • Area Effect

Leap Attack

Support Runes:

  • Attack DMG Increase
  • Use Count


Support Runes:

  • Attack DMG Increase
  • DoT
  • Endless Pain

Fighter’s Wrath (Buff)

Support Runes:

  • Increase duration


Support Runes:

  • Use Count
  • Disarm

Illusion Axe (Back Bar)

Slot this skill into your back bar and keep it always active.

Attribute Points

Undecember attributes

When it comes to attribute points, it’s simple: Put everything into Strength.

Every time you level up, you will get 5 attribute points. Put it all into Strength. This is the main ingredient for making your character a tank. The more health you have the more damage you can take. And this attribute will also buff your damage as well.

In addition, I decided to put just a couple of points into Dexterity and Intelligence. These are not necessary and I was just testing to see what happens. Adding points to Dex seems to improve the hit rate but it’s not that significant.

Zodiac Traits

zodiac traits

This is where things get just a bit complicated. Zodiac Traits are like sets of additional skill trees that offer passive buffs to your character.

Each Zodiac system has attribute trees related to different types of builds. There are ones for buffing damage, improving spell casting, and more.

For this build, we are going to focus on buffing damage and skill range. Since we are using a ground slam ability, we want this ability to reach as far as possible to cover a wider area.

Here are the Zodiac trees you should focus on unlocking:

Trait 1: Aphros

Zodiac - 1

Trait 2: Forest

Zodiac - 2

Trait 3: Rock

Zodiac - 3

Trait 4: Prele

Zodiac - 4

Specialization: Hammer

Zodiac - specialization

One important unlock is the Specialization. Make sure to pick the Hammer tree in this Zodiac system. It has some important attributes that our build needs to deal more damage.

Unlock the Area Damage and Weapon Rage paths in this tree. Careful though, this tree only gives you 7 trait points.


Undecember weapon

In order for the ground slam and Fissure skills to work, you’ll need to always equip either a hammer, two-handed axe, or dual-wield weapons like Clubs.

For this build, I recommend using a two-handed hammer.

And use dual-wield Clubs when you’re farming resources on maps with low-level enemies. Dual wielding speeds up your attacks but deals less damage.

Armor & Gear

Undecember gear

Don’t worry about equipping the best armor with higher rarities. Just look for armor with better stats.

You can always buy gear and armor from a vendor and roll for better stats.

It’s very important to equip gear and armor with defensive stats that are relevant to the current act you’re playing.

For example, if you’re in Act 3, you will have to deal with enemies who have Poison damage modifiers. To avoid dying, you should equip gear with Poison damage resistance.

You can easily buy gear and roll for these stats by going over to Croco, the gear vendor.

How To Play

Playing this build is easy. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Switch to the backbar and Activate Illusion Axe. And switch back to the main bar.
  2. Run and gather enemies to one place
  3. Spam Fissure to take them down
  4. When in need of an escape, use Roll
  5. You can also use Leap Attack to escape from trouble and deal damage
  6. When dealing with elite enemies, activate the Fighter’s Wrath buff

Refer to the video guide to see how it works.


This build is still a work in progress. I’ve been enjoying it a lot and I’m constantly experimenting with the build. I will make modifications as I go along. Of course, I will try to get more slots for my Runes to make this build even stronger.

Overall, this setup is more than enough for you to survive the game and take down even the biggest bosses without dying.