dreamlight valley how to find clay

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How & Where to Find Clay

When you continue your journey in Dreamlight Valley, You need to find many ingredients for completing quests and crafting.

Among many ingredients in the game, finding clay is another task that you have to do. If you are looking for an easy method for finding clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Then this guide is for you.

Get ready for your Clay Hunting!!!

What You Need to Find Clay

use shovel

Before starting your Clay Hunting, you need your Royal Shovel.

Got Confused? Don’t worry. You get your Royal Shovel at the very beginning of the game when you complete “The Royal Tools” task.

Where To Find Clay

Once you got your Royal Shovel, you are one step closer to finding clay.

Now, you need to unlock some biomes. Because you can’t find clay everywhere in the game. You can find clay only in the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands.

You haven’t unlocked those biomes? Don’t worry. Here are some tips to unlock them.

Sunlit plateau

Step 1–  Collect Dreamlight as much as you can. Because you need the following amount of dreamlights to unlock above mentioned biomes.

  • Glade of Trust- 5000 Dreamlight
  • Sunlight Plateau- 7000 Dreamlight
  • Forgotten Lands – 15000 Dreamlight

Unlocking Sunlight Plateau and Forgotten Lands is too expensive for most players. So, try with the Glade of Trust first.

Step 2 – To earn more Dreamlights, you need to complete the tasks listed in the menu. Those are very simple and daily tasks. Do as much as you can.

Step 3 – You can use Dreamshards to craft dreamlights in a craft station. Try that too. You can easily find dream shards when you dig the glowing spots on the soil everywhere.

Step 4 – After collecting the relevant amount of dreamlight, you can unlock each biome.

How To Get Clay


Now, you know all the places where you can find clay, and how to unlock those biomes. The next thing is, how to get clay. It’s a pretty easy task. Keep reading the article.

Step 1: Use Your Shovel To Dig

The easiest way to find clay in each biome is to dig the land. You can use your royal shovel to dig the area.

Step 2:Hangout With Your Digging Companion

Before you go to find clay, keep in mind to bring your digging companion with you.

You can find your digging companions by clicking Esc > Collection > Characters > and keeping your arrowhead on each character picture.

Ask them to hang out with you. When you have your companion with you, there is a chance of having an extra amount of clay.

Step 3: Dig Near Water Bodies

Also, if there is rain, you can dig the muddy areas of the Glade of Trust near its water bodies.

Step 4: Completing “The Circle of Life” Quest of Scar

When you level up your friendship with Scar, you need to complete its quest called “The Circle of Life”

Here, you need to remove all the bones in the sunlit plateau. In order to remove those things, you need to upgrade your shovel with Roaring shovel head.

After that, you can use the shovel to remove the bones. Try to remove all the bones in the sunlight plateau. You can possibly find around 150 clay with that.

Uses of Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are many uses of clay in the game. So keep a few with you.

First, you need clay in the “Mysterious Weck” Quest for Goofy. You need to repair the raft in Dazzle Beach using clay and a few other materials.

Secondly, you need clay for the quest “Remembering Old Times” of Minnie. You should use clay to make a rustic clock tower.

In Conclusion

As you can see, finding clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley is very easy. What you need to do is to gather Dreamlight as much as you can and unlock the 3 biomes that have clay. Keep in mind to go with your digging friend.