dreamlight valley where to find emeralds

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How & Where To Find Emeralds

Mining gems is one of the best ways to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can use gems for selling, gifting, and some crafting recipes also.

Among many other gems that you can find in Disney Dreamligt Valley, Emeralds are very valuable as well as rare.

In this quick guide, I will help you find Emeralds with some useful tips. So, let’s dig in.

What You Need To Mine Emeralds


First, you need the Royal pickaxe to mine any type of gem, including emeralds, in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The royal Picaxe will be unlocked once you completed the “Royal Tools” quest.

Plus, you need to unlock biomes because each biome contains some unique type of gem.

Where & How to Find Emeralds

So, from where exactly can you mine Emeralds? It can be found only in the Glade of Trust and in the Forest of Valor.

Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor should be unlocked by yourself. You need to spend 5000 dreamlights for unlocking the Glade of Trust and 3000 dreamlights to unlock the Forest of Valor.

Forest of valor

Dreamlights can be obtained by completing tasks that are listed in the dreamlight menu. Also, you can craft dreamlights using dream shards. Dreamshards can be found when you dig the shiny holes in the land using your Royal shovel.

Once you unlocked the Glade of Trust and the Forest of Valor, there are some rock spots at each biome’s edges. These are like dark stone pillars. These rock spots contain stones, gems, and some minerals. Once you hit on those rock spots using your pickaxe 1-5 times, it will break and you can collect those resources.

glade of trust

After a short period, the rock spots will again respawn. This is the way that you can find emeralds and other gems.

But the thing is Emeralds are very rare to find. But don’t worry. The following tips will help you to find Emeralds more quickly.

Bring Your Companion To Find More Emeralds

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can have a companion for each task. For example, you can hang out with Mickey while you are farming. You can see the companions that are assigned for each task by clicking on the “collection” tab.

When you hang out with a companion while you are mining, it will help you to get extra emeralds and other resources. Plus, it will help you to level up your friendship with that character.

To hang out with a character, you can have a chat and ask for a hangout.

What Can You Do With Emeralds in Dreamlight Valley

sell emeralds

1. You can sell them

Once you got emeralds, you can sell them. Keep in mind, there are two types of emeralds. Shiny Emeralds and Emeralds. Shiny emeralds can be sold for 1300 star coins and emeralds can be sold for 325 star coins.

2. For Crafting

Some recipes require emeralds as an ingredient. For example, you need 1 emerald for crafting the Dreamlight magnifier. So, it’s best to keep a few more emeralds with you in your chests.

3. For Gifting

You need to level up your friendship with the characters of the game for your progress in the game. To level up a friendship, you need to give gifts to them. So, emeralds are a good gift for your fellow villagers.


In conclusion, even though Emeralds are quite rare in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can find them in the Glade of Trust and Fores of Valor. Plus, you can increase the chances of having emeralds if you take your companion with you.