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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Fish (Beginner Guide)

Fishing is one of the most peaceful and fun activities in every farming game.

And it’s the same in Dreamlight Valley too. Of course, you can also make lots of money with fishing too.

In this post, I will show you how to fish in Dreamlight Valley and make a bunch of money.

Let’s dive in.

What You Need to Fish

Basically, you only need a fishing rod to start fishing.

After you completed the first task of the game, Which is “The Royal Tools” you can get the missing lucky fishing rod. But unluckily it’s broken.

You need to finish the “Fishing Expedition” quest to get the royal fishing rod. Follow the linked wiki guide to see how to complete that quest.

Where You Can Fish


If you check the map of the game, there are many water bodies in every biome. Luckily, you can fish in all those water bodies including the ocean.

Also, there are many unique fish species in each biome. Sometimes, you can get a specific fish in two different biomes also.

How to Fish in Dreamlight Valley

Here’s what you need to do to start fishing in Dreamlight Valley.

Step 1: Get the Fishing Rod

First, you need to get your fishing rod. Click on the Tab button and select the fishing rod icon.

Step 2: Find A Good Spot

white circle reach to the bubbling circle

As the second step, you need to go near any water body. You can fish anywhere in the water body. But if you need to catch a fish, you need to cast your line into a colorful bubbling circle.

These bubbling circles appear in white, blue, and golden colors.

White bubbling circles offer you some common types of fish while blue color bubbles give you medium-rarest fish like bream.

The golden bubbles are a little bit tough, which means you need to use extra effort to catch fish. At the same time, it offers you the rarest types of fish like lobster.

It’s OK to cast your line to a place that is not a bubbling circle. You have a chance to catch bass sometimes, as well as catch seaweeds.

Step 3: Cast A Fishing Line

Once you reach a place that has a bubbling circle (make sure to aim the line toward the bubbling circle).

Then you should cast the line by pressing the right click or the space button, towards it. Just long press any of the above-mentioned buttons.

Then your line will be gone towards the bubbling circle. Just release the space button or right-click when your bait went to the center of the bubbling circle.

Step 4: Reel It In

getting red

Then you should wait until a few seconds, a fish will have a bite. You can notify it when the rod is shaking. Immediately, you need to reel the line.

At the first reeling, you will appear a white circle. Wait until it gets close to the bubbling circle. When it gets green color, you should again pull the line.

pull the line

Do not pull the line before the white circle reaches the bubbling circle and gets green. If you do that, it will get red and you will fail. Then you need to try again.

After a few more efforts. You will catch one.

In Conclusion,

As you can see, fishing is a very interesting and easy task in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You need not spend a hard time fishing. Also, you can get a pretty amount of money when you cook or sell raw fish. Try it.