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Dinkum: 5 Best Locations To Setup Your Base Tent

Finding the perfect spot to setup your tent in Dinkum is very important.

It will determine how well you can engage in different activities in the game. And save you a ton of time from walking back to your tent.

There are several great spots to setup a tent in Dinkum. In this post, I will show you the best places on the Dinkum map, where you can set up your base tent.

Let’s start by exploring how to find a good spot for the tent.

What Is The Base Tent And How To Get It?

base tent

Once you reach the island, you can get the base tent roll from Fletch, the old lady. The base tent is the future town hall of your town.

When you have placed the base tent in a place, there is a crafting table, travel bags, donation box, town stat books, and sleeping bags inside it. These are very vital for your future activities.

After you place the base tent in a particular area, that will be your town. So, carefully select the area of your town.

Things You Should Consider Before Setting The Base Camp

Before selecting a spot for the tent, follow these tips.

It Should Be Close To A River

It’s better if you can place the base tent near a river.

If you place the base tent near the river, you can easily access it and catch fish throughout the day. At the same time, when you reached midnight while you are fishing, you can easily go to your town, if it is situated close to the river. Otherwise, you will die.

Secondly, if you set your base tent near the river, you can use a boat for transportation. Also, it is very helpful for farming. As we discussed in the Farming guide article, you need to water the crops daily to grow them.

Until you level up your farming skills to get a water tank and sprinklers, you need to use your basic water can or copper water can to water. If you place your base tent near the river, you can easily get water from the river and watering. This will save you time as well.

It Should Be Close To The Desert

Desert is very important if you are interested in metal detecting and mining. There are many iron ores, copper ores, and tin ores in the desert. Also, there are many hidden treasures in the desert as well that you can get through a metal detector.

If you place the base tent near the desert, you can easily access the desert and can engage in mining and metal detecting throughout the day.

It Should Be Close To The Ocean

Ocean is another great opportunity in Dinkum to get more resources. If you place your base tent near the ocean, you can easily catch fish, collect sea shells, get pearls, and many more.

Best Places To Set Your Base Tent

These are the best places on the map where you can place your base tent. Try it.

1. Open area of the desert

desert 2

As I mentioned earlier, if you can place the base tent near the desert it is beneficial to you. Choose an open area in the desert. Then place your base tent there.

The importance of placing your base tent in the desert is far more profitable than you think.

The desert is huge and large in size. You need a big space to build your town. There are some residents who need to set up their shops. For instance, John needs space to place his John’s goods. For all these things, you need a big space.

On the other hand. You need a huge area for farming and animal husbandry. The desert is the best place for that.

On the other hand, the desert is full of treasures hidden inside it and full of resources like iron ores, copper ores, tin ores, cacti, and desert roses. These things are very important for developing the town, decorating it, and selling some of them for Dinks.

2. Close to the river

close to the river

If you placed your base tent close to the river, as I mentioned earlier, you have many benefits.

You can fish and make more money.

Also, you can use a rowboat for your transportation, which can save you time.

Thirdly, you can get water easily for your farming.

Apart from that, you can make bridges to connect the land. This will also, make your time save.

On the other hand, you can catch crocos which can be sent to the animal research institute and earn money or you can hunt them to level up your hunting skills.

If you place your base tent near the river, you can cut mangrove plants to take mangrove sticks. These are very important to make wooden torches, cooking dishes, and complete some NPC tasks.

Also, you can decorate the river banks if you live near the river.

3. In an island


If you check the map, there are many small islands around the mainland. These islands are surrounded by water.

If you place your base tent on a small island, you can fish throughout the day.

Also, you can hunt sharks, which lived in the northern and southern oceans. If you hunt a shark, it will drop 3 flakes which you can cook and sell for 1900 Dinks.

Also, you can connect your island with the mainland through bridges, so don’t worry, you will not be completely isolated.

4. Near the ocean

ocean 3

If you set up your base tent near the ocean, that is also profitable for you.

You can easily catch fish and sell them. Most of the biggest and the most profitable fish live in the ocean.

Also, you can collect different types of sea shells around the beach every day. Those are very important to sell, make fertilizers, and sometimes to fulfill NPC’s quests.

Thirdly, there are many oysters in the ocean. They will give your pearls. You can earn 5000 Dinks from a pearl.

5. Next to a Tele tower

tele tower

If you are not familiar with tele towers in Dinkum, they are very useful for teleport. These tele towers can teleport you to any other tele tower. Usually, these tele towers are situated on a small island in the north, east, south, and west.

In the beginning, all the tele towers are broken. You need to repair them by putting 3 green boards, 2 hot cylinders, 1 shiny discs, 8 bright wires, and 1 smooth slate. This is per one tower.

If you place your town near a tele tower, you can easily travel.

In conclusion

While these are some great spots to setup your base, keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong way to play the game. Play it however you like as long as you are having fun.