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Dinkum Guide: 9 Best Ways To Make Money Fast

In Dinkum, you need money (or Dinks) to unlock most things in the game.

In the beginning, you have a few great methods to earn money fast. I’ll walk you through those methods, step by step.

In this guide, I will show you how to earn money in Dinkum fast and easily.

These tips will help beginners as well as experienced gamers to become a millionaire in Dinkum.

1. Fishing

Step 1: Get a Fishing license

fishing license

Fishing is one of the easiest ways to make money in Dinkum. When you land on the island, you need to place your camp and the base camp in the proper places.

After that, you need to obtain a fishing license to start fishing. You can purchase the fishing license from Fletch in the base camp for 250 permit points. You can get Permit points more easily when you fulfill your daily tasks such as fishing, mining, walking, etc.

Now you are legally permitted for fishing.

Step 2: Buy a fishing rod

fishing 2

On the second day, John the merchant comes to the island. You can purchase any equipment from john, especially, a fishing rod, for 1260 Dinks.

Now you have all the requirements for fishing. Unlike other games, fishing in Dinkum is very easy. You can see my previous article on how to fish in Dinkum for step-by-step instructions.

When you catch fish in many places like rivers, ponds, and oceans, you can catch many different types of fish. After that, you can sell those fish to John to earn money.

The highest amount of dinks you can earn from catching marlin ($22220) and you can earn $8416 from selling barramundi.

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2. Animal Trapping

animal trapping

Animal trapping is another adventurous activity in Dinkum that you can earn extra Dinks.

Step 1-  Get the hunting license

Before you start to trap animals, as usual, you need to purchase the required licenses. First, you can purchase a hunting license from fletch for 250 permit points and a trapping license for 500 permit points. By purchasing a hunting license, you can craft a basic spear, a basic hammer, and a wooden bat for hunting in your level 1-5. When you level up your hunting skills, you can craft more powerful weapons.

Step 2 – Get the trapping license

Secondly, by purchasing a trapping license, you can craft an animal collection point and a simple animal trap. Also, when you level up, you can craft more effective and efficient animal traps.

When you craft an animal collection point, you need two palm wood planks, two hardwood planks, and one nail. Plus, when you craft a simple animal trap, you need one tin bar, 8 mangrove sticks, and one old spring.

Step 3 – Start hunting

Now, you are fully equipped for animal trapping. There are many animals you can trap in Dinkum. Let’s take my favorite, a croco. When you see a croco near a water body, first you need to set the trap. After that, you can attack croco by using your basic spear or any other hunting equipment. You need to attack 3-4 times on croco to weak it. If you try to capture cocro without attacking, it will break the simple trap.  After that, you need to lead croco toward the trap. When croco passes through the trap it will capture.

Then you can pick up the trap and drop it at the animal collection point. After that, it will go up from a balloon. The next day, you will receive the price for the animal you sent and your simple trap through the mail, from the animal research center.

You can earn 12000 dinks from a bush devil, and 9600 dinkus from a croco.

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3. Farming

farming 2

You can earn more dinks from farming. In Dinkum, you can plant different kinds of crops in 4 seasons and different fruits as well.

Step 1 – Get the licenses

Before farming, you need to buy an excavation license from fletch for 500 permit points which you can craft shovels. Also, you need to purchase a farming license for 250 permit pints, which you can craft scythe, grain mill, and many more.

When you level up your farming skills, you can craft more powerful equipment.

Step 2-  Buy tools

Plus, you need to buy a hoe and a water can from Rayne’s greenhouse and a shovel from John’s good shop.

Step 3 – Clean the area

Before farming, you need to choose a place for your farm and clean it by cutting trees and breaking stones. After that, you need to craft fences around the area to protect the crops from animals. If you do not cover the area with fences, your crops will eat by animals. You can craft 8 gumwood fences by using 3 gumwood planks and 4 nails.

Step 4 – Plant seeds

After cleaning the area, you can till the dirt using the hoe and plant the seeds. You can purchase seeds from Rayne’s greenhouse. Try to purchase seasonal crops rather than all-time crops, because seasonal crops can give you more money.

Also, you can add fertilizers before planting. You can craft fertilizers using a compost bin or from a worm farm by adding animal poops and bones and dirt. After that, you can plant the seeds.

Every day, you need to water the plants, except in rainy days. After a few days, you can harvest the crops and sell them. You can harvest crops using a scythe or walking up to the plant and pressing the button.

Step 5 – Selling the harvest

You can sell crops raw or you can turn the crops into another form and sell them. For instance, when you sell 1 wheat for 216$, you can turn wheat into flour using a grain mill and sell it for 1680$. You can craft a grain mill using 4 gumwood planks, 4 old gear, 2 copper bars,s and 1 old wheel.

Step 6 – Planting fruits

When it comes to planting fruit trees, it is easier than planting crops. When you collect apples, quandongs, bananas, and many more fruits, you can easily plant them. You need not place fences. Simply, you can dig a pit using the shovel and drop the fruit inside it by clicking Q and after that drop the dirt using the shovel.

Also, you need not water it every day. When it is ready to harvest, you can pluck them and sell them. You can sell an apple for 107$ and a banana for 248$.

4. Cooking


We already discussed how to Fishing, hunt, and farm in Dinkum. You can easily sell them to John. For example, you can sell a raw barramundi fish for john and earn 8416$. But when you cooked it, you can earn more money. What you need to do is craft a campfire and a cooking table.

Tip 1-   Make a cooking table and campfire

You can craft a cooking table using 5 palmwood planks, 2 nails, 1 tin bar, and 1 tin sheet. Also, you can craft a campfire with 2 gum logs and 3 stones.

Tip 2 – Make dishes

When you make a campfire, you can put fruits, meat, eggs, and fish. For example, when you put an apple for a campfire, you can make 1 cooked apple. When you sell a raw apple for 107$, you can sell a cooked apple for 390$. When you sell a raw barramundi for 8416$, you can cook it using a campfire and sell it for 10000$ (from 1 barramundi, you can make 5 cooked freshwater fish. Also, you can earn 2000$ per 1 barramundi cooked freshwater fish)

This is my favorite way of making money. When my apple garden produces 200 apples, and if I catch 10 fish during that day, I cooked all of them and sell them. At the end of the day, my pocket is full.

Also, you can make cooking recipes and sell them as well. For example, you can make a fruit salad using 2 bush limes, 2 apples, 2 bananas, and 2 quandongs and sell it for 1388$.

5. Metal Detecting

metal detecting

Metal detecting is another activity that you can earn dinks in Dinkum. There are some metals and treasures hidden in the deep of the island. You can search for it and grab it easily.

Step 1- Get the excavation license and a metal detector

Before you are going to metal detecting, you need to get an excavation license for 500 permit points to use the shovel and a metal detecting license for 500 permit points to buy a metal detector. You can buy a shovel and a metal detector from john. A shovel may cost 900$ and a metal detector will be 6600$.

Step 2- Start metal detecting

When you search the area using a metal detector, it will make a huge sound and make a big mark on the ground when you reached for a treasured area. You can dig the area using a shovel. Sometimes you can easily take the treasuries inside it. But sometimes there might be a barrel. If you find a barrel, you can break it using your pickaxe.

You can sell the items you grabbed from metal detecting for John. for example, you can sell an old contraption for 15090$ and old gear for 525$.  But keep in mind, you need to keep some of them with you for future usage.

6. Wary Mu Eggs Hunt

Wary mu egg hunt

This is my latest addiction in Dinkum. Wary mu is a wild animal that usually lived in the tropics. Wary mu lay eggs during spring in their nests, you can see a large green color egg in their nests during the spring season.

You need to grab the egg from the nest. Wary mu is an aggressive animal. They can attack you. But you can miss them or attack them with your basic animal-hunting weapon.

When you garb the wary mu egg, you can run for your place. Or you can bring it from your vehicle or a tele tower also. Plus, you can swim with it as well.

After that, you can drop the wary mu egg on the scale in John’s shop. According to the weight of the egg, John will give you money. The maximum weight of a wary mu egg is 3kg. You can earn 8000$- 24000$ from a wary mu egg according to its weight.

7. Complete Quests

complete quests

Another easiest way to earn money in Dinkum is to complete quests.

First, you need to craft a bulletin board to take quests. A bulletin board can be crafted using 2 gumwood planks and 1 nail.

After you placed the bulletin board, you can see quests every day,

Sometimes, some quests may offer you Dinks while others will offer you some materials. In a photo request from Theodore, you can earn 12000$ after you complete the quest.

Also, some new visitors may ask you to bring some items. Sometimes they give you money in return. For instance, you can sell shiny discs for Franklyn and get 8000$ dinks, which is far more than John’s price.

8. Foraging


Foraging is another way to make money in Dinkum. There are many items everywhere on the island. You can collect them and sell them for a huge amount of money.

You can collect many kinds of wood like gumwood, hardwood, flowers, shells, fruits, seeds, etc. and you can sell them for John. you can earn 100$ for 1 gum log, 5000$ from a pearl, 245$ from a bottle brush, etc.

9. Selling Clothes

If you have any unwanted clothes you can sell them to John,

Sometimes, when you ask for a job from visitors, they will ask you to buy their unwanted clothes, shoes, and dresses. Also, you can purchase clothes from clover’s catalog or thread shop. Plus, sometimes, some visitors and NPCs will give you clothes as a reward when you complete one of their requests.

If you have those clothes, and if they are unwanted, you can sell them in John’s goods shop. For example, you can sell a green summer dress for 2160$ and a ninja pant for 3000$

In Conclusion,

As you progress in the game, you will find more easy methods for earning money quickly. Use these methods to get a head start and earn money fast.