how to start farming in dinkum

Dinkum: How To Level Up Farming Fast (4 Methods)

Farming is one of the most fun activities in Dinkum. And it’s much more enjoyable than farming in most other games.

Farming has different levels in Dinkum. As you level up your farming, you get access to better tools and features.

In this guide, I will show you how to start farming, step by step.

Not only that, but I will also show you how to level up farming quickly.

How You Should Start Farming

Step 1: Get the farming license

farming license

The first task that you should do, after you landed on the island, is to locate your camp and the base tent. Once you place them all,  You need to communicate with fletch, the old lady in the base tent. Because if you want to start anything on the island, you need to get a license from her. For instance, if you want to start farming, you need to get a farming license from Fletch.

To get the farming license, you need to reach out to Fletch and ask her about licenses. Then you can buy a farming license from fletch for 250 permit points.

Step 2: Get some other licenses too

other license

After that, you can do some other work. This is not compulsory, but if you purchase some other licenses, it will be easy for you to start farming. You need a mining license (250 permit points) that you can use to buy a pickaxe to break stones, a Logging license ( 250 permit points) to buy an axe for cutting trees, an excavation license (500 permit points) to buy a shovel to till the dirt, and, a  landscaping license ( 250 permit points. Actually, you need the level 2 landscaping license because you need to craft fences for protect your land).

Step 3: Get tools

buying tools

On the second day, John will arrive at the visitor’s site. He is a merchant that you can buy many things. You can buy a shovel for 900 Dinks, a basic axe for 1000 Dinks, and a basic pickaxe for 1200 Dinks. Then keep it with you.

Meanwhile, you can earn more money by fishing and collecting more gum woods, palm woods collect tin ores, and copper bars for future usage.

Step 4: Make a scythe


Plus, you need a scythe for harvesting. You can make a scythe using 1 palmwood plank and 1 tin bar. To make a palm wood plank, you need a table saw which you can buy from  John’s goods for 5200 Dinks. Then you can insert palm wood logs inside this table saw and make a palm wood plank.

Also, to make a tin bar, you need tin ore which you can take from mining. Then create a crude furnace by using 1 campfire, 3 stones, and 5 tin ores. After crafting a crude furnace, you can insert 5 tin ores inside it and make 1 tin bar.

After that, go to the craft table placed in base camp and craft a scythe.

Finally, you are equipped for farming. But not TOTALLY.

Step 5: Meet Rayne

meet Rayne

Wait until Rayne comes to the visitor’s site. She has all the important things for farming for sale. Buy a hoe, a water can, and seeds from her. I suggest you buy sugar cane seeds for 400 Dinks (per 1) and wheat seeds for 360 Dinks. Buy as much as you can.

If you take seasonal crops, you can sell them for a higher price. But when you sell all-year crops, they will not give you much Dinks.

Now you have all the licenses and tools that you want for farming.

Prepare Your Land

As I mentioned earlier, you have all the things to start farming. Then you need to prepare the land. Choose a land for planting seeds. If you can choose a land near a water body, that you can easily access water.

After that, you need to cut trees, break stones and cut grass using your tools.

Make a fence

make a fence 2

After that, you should again go to the crafting table to craft gumwood fences. You extremely need to protect the land that you are hoping to farm, from birds and animals. Otherwise, they will eat it. Keep in mind, you need a level 2 landscaping license for crafting a gumwood fence.

To craft 8 gumwood fences, you need 3 gumwood planks and 4 nails. You already know how to make gumwood planks. To make nails, you need 1 tin bar. If you have 1 tin bar, go to the crafting table and you can make 8 nails.

Collect more tin ores, make more tin bars, and make more nails as much as you can. Then you can make more gumwood fences.

After that, you can protect your land using gumwood fences.

Now You Can Plant Seeds

You already purchase many seeds from Ryne. Take the hoe and till the soil on the place you made. After that, you should plant the seeds on the tilled soil.

plant seeds

You already know that there are 4 seasons in Dinkum. As in Stardew Valley, there are specific seeds that grow in each season. Plus, there are some seeds that you can harvest throughout the year.

Keep in mind, you need to plant seeds according to the season. When the season is end, the plants will die. For example, you can plant cabbage seeds in autumn. But during the first day of winter, the cabbage plant will die.

Do not worry, Rayne will inform you all about seeds when you buy one.

How To Level Up Farming

1. Watering To The Plants


Now you have already done half of the important things in farming. At the end of the planting seeds, you can water the plants using your watering can. If your watering can is empty, you can refill it with the nearest water body.

Keep in mind, that you should have enough food with you. Because watering will reduce your energy.

Also, you need to water the plants daily except on rainy days. If you did not water the plants, they will not grow.

2. Harvesting Crops Is Funny


For each an every seed you purchased from Rayne, there is a specific date that they will give you vegetables. For example. If you take 1 carrot seed from Rayne, you can harvest 3 carrots on the 7th day.

If your crops are ready to harvest, you can see the crops glowing and sparkling.

Some vegetables can be easily harvested. But some other crops like sugar cane and wheat need a scythe to harvest. That is why I told you to craft a scythe.

When you harvest crops, you can keep a few with you because sometimes you need some crops for fulfilling quests and for cooking recipes.

And the rest can sell for John.

3. Make Some Other Products Using Crops

make other things

Now, you know how to plant seeds and harvest. I mentioned earlier that you can sell the harvest for John. Do it until you can craft a grain mill.

You can craft a grain mill using your crafting table. What you need are 4 gum wood planks, 4 old gears, 2 copper bars, and 1 old wheel.

Go to Fletch and purchase a metal detecting license for 500 permit points. After that go to John’s goods and purchase a metal detector for 6600 Dinks. Then you can search the island using the metal detector. Once you have reached a treasured area, the metal detector will give a loud voice and a sign. Then you can dig it using the shovel and collect the treasures. Sometimes there are some old barrels when you dig. Do not worry. Using your pickaxe you can break them. That is how you can find old gears and old wheels.

Then, what about 4 gum wood planks and 2 copper bars? You have the answer. You know how to make a gumwood plank using a table saw and how to make copper bars using a crude furnace.

Then you can make a grain mill.

Place your grain mill anywhere you want. You can insert 1 corn take 10 animal foods, 1 sugar cane to 1 packet of sugar, and 4 wheat for 1 flour.

The advantage of this method is, if you sell raw wheat, you can only get 216 Dinks. Nut if you process it, make a packet of flour, and sell it, you can get 1680 Dinks per one.

4. Make Fertilizers


You can increase the growth of your plants using fertilizers.

1. Make a compost bin

When you purchase the level 2 farming license, you can learn how to make a compost bin.  You can craft a compost bin using your crafting table. You need  8 hardwood planks, 3 copper bars, 1 tin sheet, and 15 nails.

You already know how to craft nails and copper bars. Tin sheets can collect through metal detection. If you want hardwood planks, you can insert bottle tree logs or hardwood logs from blackwood trees into the table saw. Blackwood trees can not be cut using your axe. You need to get the level 2 logging license and create a copper axe or a better one.

Then you can make a compost bin.

After that you can insert 4 roo poo, which you can collect if you walk around the island to take 1 fertilizer packet .also, you can insert bones, shells, alpha antler alpha scale, and alpha eyet and make fertilizers. Fertilizers can be put on tilled soil before planting any seed and it will speed up the growth.

These things will level up your farming skills.

What Happens When You Level Up In Farming?

Okay. you already know to level up farming. But what is next?

1. You will get the level 2 farming license

When you level up your farming skills to level 10 you will unlock the level 2 farming license. You can purchase it for 1000 permit points from Fletch. At the moment, you will receive the recipes for a copper watering can that can water plants in 3 wide 1 deep areas, a copper hoe that can till the soil in 3 wide 1 deep areas, a compost bin, and a copper scythe, which you can use to cut the 3 wide 1 deep area.

To craft a copper watering can, you need 1 basic water can and 5 copper bars. Also, to create a copper hoe you need 1 hoe and 2 copper bars while to craft a copper scythe you need 1 scythe and 1 copper bar.

2. You will get the level 3 farming license

When you level up your farming skills to level 20, you will unlock the level 3 farming license, which you can purchase for 3000 permit points from Fletch.

After that you will receive the recipes for an iron watering can which can craft from a copper watering can and 5 iron bars. Iron watering cans can water to an area 3 wide and 2 deep.

Also, you can create an iron hoe using 1 copper hoe and 2 iron bars. It can till dirt in a 3 wide 2 deep.

Plus, you will get the recipe for an iron scythe that can be crafted using 1 copper scythe and 1 iron bar. It can cut the grass or area 3 wide and 2 deep.

3. You will unlock the level 1 irrigation license

When you get the level 3 farming license, you will unlock the level 1 irrigation license. This is very important for farming. You can get a level 1 irrigation license from fletch 1000 permit points. Also, it will unlock the recipes for sprinklers and a water tank. Those tools are very important for farming.

4. You will get the level 1 agriculture vehicle license

Also, when you purchased the level 2 irrigation license for 4000 permit points, it will allow you to make advanced sprinklers. Plus, it will unlock the level 1 agriculture vehicle license.

You can purchase the level 1 agriculture vehicle license from Fletch for 1000 permit points. When you purchase it you can give a commission to Franklyn’s lab to make a tractor. Also, it will allow you to use the harvesting attachment.

When you purchase the level 2 agriculture vehicle license for 3000 permit points, you will allow using the plowing attachment and when you purchase the level 3 agriculture vehicle license, it will allow you to use the planting attachment.

In Conclusion

You have a complete idea about level-up farming. Use these tips to increase your farming skills.