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10+ Best Space Games & Space Simulators In 2024

There’s something so peaceful, calm, and relaxing about exploring in a space game.

My love for space games started with Freelancer. Since then, I kept jumping from one space game to the next but could not find another game like that one.

However, I did find more incredible space games and space simulators that were unique in their own ways.

This list is all about those fun and engaging space games that I’ve come to enjoy over the years. I’ve played most of these for many hours. Tried out some of them. And a few are still on the way.

If you’re looking for a good space game to relax to, you’ll find more than a few good games on this list.

1. Elite Dangerous

elite dangerous graphics

I have a special place in my heart for Elite Dangerous as it’s the game that inspired me to grow my YouTube channel. And it’s the only game that allowed me to explore a 1:1 scale version of the Milky Way galaxy.

That’s right! Elite Dangerous has a 1:1 scale Milky Way galaxy, which the developers have created using the data gathered by NASA. There are billions of stars, plants, and systems for you to explore in this game.

My favorite activity in Elite is mining. But I also enjoy exploring the vast universe of the game. It’s a game that still surprises me in many ways.

Elite Dangerous also has the best sounds I’ve heard in any space game. And it features some cool ships for you to fly. With the Odyssey DLC, you can even step out from your ship and walk around on planets and space stations.

2. Star Citizen

Star Citizen

The bugs, performance issues, and glitches aside, Star Citizen is actually a fantastic game with a goal to revolutionize the online space sims genre.

I gave SC a try during a free-play event and it was quite memorable. I had some performance issues and ran into a few bugs.

But I was able to get a glimpse of what the game was actually capable of. If or when the game gets released, it will make a huge impact on the way we play online games.

That being said, Star Citizen is still in the Alpha stage. And it is charging you the full price of a game to test it out. There’s lots of content to enjoy in SC, even at its Alpha stage. If you’re willing to live with the many issues and bugs, you will have a great time in this game.

3. Starfield


I have high hopes for Starfield and I’m confident I’ll be dedicated many, many hours of my life to this game. That’s why I’m featuring it so high up on this list.

Starfield is surely one of the most ambitious games of 2023. And after seeing a small preview of what we are able to do in this game, I just fell in love with it.

We’ll just have to wait and see how polished the game will be when it releases.

4. No Man’s Sky

no man' sky how to save 1

I’ve spent over 400 hours playing No Man’s Sky on my PlayStation 4 and then on PC.

I’ve had so much fun exploring different planets and systems in this game. The game is so colorful, vibrant, and relaxing too.

I would still be playing this game if I hadn’t discovered Elite Dangerous.

Still, it amazes me how the developers are continuing to add new content and seasons to this game even after all these years.

I enjoy jumping into the game from time to time. And with the game available on Switch, it’s not much easier to play NMS even while you’re on the go.

5. Everspace 2

everspace 2 graphics

Everspace 2 is one of the new space games that offer a different type of experience. Unlike most other space games on this list, Everspace 2 plays more like a space RPG.

The game features a cool story with interesting campaign missions, puzzles, and tons of loot for you to farm and upgrade your ship.

If you enjoy playing arcade-style space games, this one will definitely grab your attention.

6. SpaceBourne 2

SpaceBourne 2

It blew my mind when I learned that SpaceBourne 2 was developed by just a single developer.

SpaceBourne 2 is a combination of multiple space games like Star Citizen, X4, and Elite Dangerous. It takes the best features from all those games and combines them into one sweet package of a space sim.

Sure, it has some janky gameplay mechanics and graphics that make the game look like something from 2015. But still, it can be great fun, especially since you can actually play it offline in single-player mode.

7. X4: Foundations

X4 Foundations

I’ve only played a couple hours of X4 and I plan on giving it another try soon.

X4 is like a combination of a grand strategy and a space exploration game. It has a wide selection of ships for you to fly. You can engage in combat, do mining, and do all kinds of activities.

And you can also build your own space station, command fleets, and even control entire regions of the map. All this is done in the single-player environment.

There have been many expansions released for the game and with each DLC, the game got better. It still has a very loyal player base.

8. Space Engineers

Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a unique sandbox game that makes you work hard to explore.

Space Engineers have many aspects that create a very enjoyable experience for players. It has engineering where you get to let your creativity run wild with cool ideas to build your own ships and bases. It also features exploration and a survival aspect too.

I couldn’t get into the game on my first attempt. I will give it a second try soon. Until then, you can try the game if you’re a fan of survival-style space games.

9. Eve Online

Eve Online

I’m definitely not a fan of the grand strategy aspect of Eve Online but apparently, tons of players love it.

Eve Online is one of the oldest MMOs that are still active. Thousands of players still play this massive game and enjoy engaging in its persistent world.

Since the game is now free to play, you can give it a try right now. But be warned, you will need to have a few Excel sheets opened to play this game.

10. Breathedge


Breathedge is another different type of space game. Instead of flying a ship, in this game, you get to play as an astronaut who gets stuck in space. And you have to work with what you have to survive and rebuild your ship.

As you can guess, it’s a space survival game. While it has a lackluster story and repetitive missions, you can have a few hours of fun playing this game. Look for it in a sale.

11. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program

Even though the sequel didn’t get a positive response from the audience, the first Kerbal Space Program game was a massive success.

For some reason, people love pretending to be an alien race while managing their space program. If you enjoy that type of game where you get to explore the technical side of space exploration, you’ll have fun with this game.

12. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds received many Game of the Year awards and it was praised as one of the best games in the space-action genre.

Outer Wilds features a very unusual gameplay system mixed with horror, survival, and space exploration. It also has a rogue-like element where you only get 22 minutes to explore and then things start over.

It’s a great game for players seeking a unique and memorable experience.

I’m still looking for new space games to explore and I will update this list with more titles in the near future.