Last Epoch tips and tricks for beginners

LAST EPOCH: 10+ Best Tips & Tricks For Beginners In 2022

Last Epoch is one of the best ARPGs available today. If you’re looking for a Diablog alternative, this game is definitely worth trying out.

Unlike most other ARPGs out there, Last Epoch is fairly easy to get into.

However, it can be tough for beginners to survive the game if you’re not familiar with traditional ARPG mechanics.

In this guide, I’m sharing some of the best tips and tricks I’ve learned while playing Last Epoch. These tips helped me to survive the campaign without rage quitting.

1. Go With Sentinel

last epoch sentinel class

The Sentinel is the tanky class in Last Epoch. For your first playthrough, create a character with the Sentinel class.

This class is tough and beefy. I managed to beat several early bosses in the game without dying once with this class.

Using a tanky class in your first playthrough will allow you to learn the ropes of the game without any frustrations. Then you can try out other fun classes in your next playthrough.

2. Use A Build Guide

last epoch sentinel class passives

Last Epoch is not as sophisticated as Path of Exile. This game has a straightforward skill tree and class mechanics. It also allows you to easily respec your skill points whenever you want.

But, I would still recommend that you follow a build guide. This way you can play the game without having to worry about how your build turns out. Plus, it will help make your gameplay a little bit more fun.

Last Epoch forums is a good place to find a decent build.

3. Mind Your Gear

last epoch defences

Your defenses play an important role in the Last Epoch. When you travel to different areas of the map, you will encounter enemies with different elemental effects like fire, ice, and lightning.

You need to equip gear with the right defenses to be able to survive these levels. Otherwise, even the tiniest mobs will be able to one-shot kill you.

This is especially important in the early game. Once you get to late levels, you can spec your skills for better elemental resistance. Until then, use the right gear.

4. Learn To Craft

Crafting gear is also important, especially as it allows you to spec your gear with different resistances and buffs.

Don’t wait till you get to the end game to try crafting. Learn and use it from level 20 onwards.

This video guide is perfect for understanding how crafting works in Last Epoch.

5. Pick The Right Specialization

last epoch masteries

Specializations in Last Epoch unlock new skills for your class. This is an important step that will change the way you play your character.

If you’re following a build guide, you will receive guidance on which specialization to choose. Otherwise, plan your build ahead to pick the right specialization based on how you want to play the character.

6. Create A Loot Filter

Once you get to around level 30, you will start seeing a lot of low-quality loot drops from enemies. This can make it tough to find the best items that you want to keep.

To avoid this problem, you can create a loot filter.

In Last Epoch, you can create your own loot filter based on the type of items you want to loot from enemies.

For example, if you only want to loot items that can be equipped by your class, then you can create a filter to hide all other weapons.

Loot filter creation is fairly easy to understand. You can create Loot filters by pressing the Shift + F keys on the keyboard.

7. How To Level Up Fast

Of course, your main focus on the game should be to progress through the campaign and finish the main quests.

However, you will also feel a need to level up your character fast to unlock new skills.

For this, I recommend that you always go into new areas with at least a level lower than the enemy level. For example, if your next quest is in an area with level 20 enemies, go there when your character is at level 19.

This will ensure you earn higher XP and level up faster. Although, it will make gameplay a bit tougher.

8. Don’t Sell/Destroy Everything

When you collect low-quality gear that doesn’t have any prefixes or affixes, don’t destroy or sell them.

Keep the gear with the best values in your stash. You can use these later to craft better gear according to your needs.

9. Swap Your Weapons

When leveling your character, make sure to swap your weapon for better ones you find along the way.

Or at least consider upgrading the weapon using crafting.

Your weapon is the main damage dealer in Last Epoch. Unlike other ARPGs, that allow you to leverage skills for higher damage, you make most damage with the weapon in Last Epoch.

10. Keep An Eye On Patch Notes

Last Epoch is still in early access and it often gets updated with new game mechanics and improvements.

This means your build and class skills will change from time to time. Sometimes, new updates will completely change the outcome of your character build.

So be sure to read patch notes when an update is available to make sure you can refine and improve your character to maintain its strengths.

FAQs About Last Epoch

These are some of the common questions and answers for Last Epoch players.

Is Last Epoch Free To Play?

Last Epoch is developed by a small indie game studio and they are hard at work trying to release the game. So it’s highly unlikely that the game will ever be free to play.

Can I Play Last Epoch Multiplayer?

Last Epoch is getting ready for its version 1.0 release and with it comes the multiplayer mode for the game. This will allow you to party up with other gamers to play Last Epoch.

Is Last Epoch Better Than Path of Exile?

Last Epoch is in many ways similar to Path of Exile. It’s safe to say the game is inspired by Path of Exile as well. However, it still has a long way to go before Last Epoch can be compared to Path of Exile.