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How I Hated And Then Fell In Love With CRPGs

Ever since the day my parents got me a cheap knockoff game console that had over 100,000 games, I was a fan of all kinds of video games.

Since that first experience with video games, I’ve played all kinds of video games over the years.

Especially in the past few years, I was able to play more games than ever before. And I’ve tried and loved every genre of video games.

Except for one. There was one genre of games that I hated with a passion. And that’s CRPGs. Computer Role Playing Games or Classic Role Playing Games or whatever you prefer to call it, I just hated it.

I don’t know why I hated CRPGs that much but I just knew one thing and that is I just could not stand the turn-based combat systems. And especially those long dialogs seemed boring and a waste of time to me.

DOS2 dialogs

Maybe that’s because I’ve never had the chance to play a Dungeons and Dragons game since those board games are not available in my part of the world.

But I just knew that life was too short to spend half an hour battling a group of rats in a video game. Especially when there are so many immersive games out there with incredible graphics.

And that was me until about a year ago.

A few months back, suddenly I felt a shift in my mindset and I had a strong urge to try a CRPG.

It probably has something to do with my age and reaching my early thirties. People say you start to mature with age but I never thought my taste in games would also mature with it.

Either way, I started watching gameplay videos of CRPGs and somehow found an unusual interest in those games.

The deep and meaningful conversations you can have with each character.

The time you take to carefully plan attacks and strategize each move.

Exploring the dense world and rich environments.

The intriguing story and campaigns.

They were all quite fascinating to me.

I waited for a sale on Steam and grabbed Divinity Original Sin 2, it was the top game recommended to folks who are completely new to CRPGs.

I was overwhelmed with all the mechanics and features at first, but I devoured guides and Wikis to learn everything there is to know about the game.

And there it was, I was in love.

crpg steam

Suddenly, my Steam library was full of all the best CRPGs. And I kept getting lost in those wonderful worlds.

I never even imagined that I would write such praising words about CRPGs just a few months ago. Now, I can’t wait to write more and share my love for CRPGs.

I’m still a newbie to these games but they have revitalized my love for video games at a time when all new game releases are nothing but disappointments.

The point I’m trying to make with this story is that it’s never too late to give something a second try.

If there’s a game that you left to dust after playing just a few minutes, give it a second try.

If you hated a genre of music with a passion, give it a second try.

If you made fun of a friend for playing Fortnite, go give it a second try.

If you broke up with a girlfriend/boyfriend in the past, leave them be. Because some things don’t deserve a second try.

But give those games a second try. You’ll be surprised