how to make money fast no mans sky

NO MANs SKY Tips: How To Make Money (Units) Fast In 2023

Want to make 10 million units in 30 minutes? I found a cool and easy way to farm money in No Man’s Sky without cheating or manipulating any glitches.

Following the new Beyond update, a whole bunch of new content arrived in No Man’s Sky, including lots of new ships, base upgrades, and more. Everyone’s now rushing to earn enough in-game money, or units, to buy this stuff.

Earning units can be painful since most of the methods involve growing plants and crafting items to sell. It could take a while to earn enough money to buy that S-class ship that costs 30 million units.

Instead, I went searching for faster ways to earn money in No Man’s Sky. I came across pretty cool methods involving farming for Whispering Eggs and manipulating a glitch involving the large refiner machine.

I tried them all and they all work even after the Beyond update. Although, manipulating the glitch was too easy and it made me super bored that I actually abandoned the game and started a new playthrough.

And then I came across a very easy and fun way to earn money without cheating.

Method 1: Farm Storm Crystals

how to make money fast no mans sky-2

Storm Crystals are a type of item that appears in extreme toxic planets and you can farm them only during toxic storms. It’s tough but rewards a ton.

Here’s how it works:

how to make money fast no mans sky-1

  1. Find an extreme toxic planet
  2. Wait for a toxic storm
  3. Once the storm starts get out of your ship or vehicle and open your scanner
  4. Using the scanner, look for lightning-like icons. Mark it and go there
  5. These are the Storm Crystals. You need to step out of your vehicle and grab them one by one
  6. Repeat this process. When the storm ends wait for another storm

Using this method I was able to make over 50 million units. Bought two S class ships, a hauler and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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A 30-minute farming session can get you around 10 million units.

Tips For Farming Storm Crystals

You need to do a few things to prepare for crystal farming.

  • I highly recommend that you at least complete your basic tutorial missions like learning to build a base and acquiring vehicles. You’re gonna need them for the farming session.
  • You’ll also need the Haz-Mat Gauntlets installed on your suit. Without this glove, you can’t pick up Storm Crystals.
  • Once you find a toxic planet, first build a small base including a vehicle summoning terminals. You’ll need vehicles to get around the planet. Otherwise, you won’t survive long at extreme toxicity.
  • Make sure to clear enough space in your inventory to store Storm Crystals. They only stack 5 per block.
  • While you wait for a toxic storm, look around the planet for ancient bones. They offer some good Units as well.

Check this video by YouTuber Aziwrath for a video guide.

Method 2: Farm Crashed Ships

The other method involves farming crashed ships. This is one of the fastest methods to farm units. However, you’ll need to finish the main missions first to unlock the Portal.

crashed ship nms

  1. All you have to do is browse the NMSCoordinates on Reddit sub and look for crashed ship coordinates shared by fellow travelers.
  2. Once you find a crashed ship location, jump into the game, open a Portal, punch in the symbols and go through the portal to find the ship.
  3. Claim the ship, repair just the stuff you need to fly it, and then head to a space station to sell it for Units or trade it for something better.

Method 3: Chlorine Processing

This is arguably the easiest method for making Units fast. You can make 30 million Units in about half an hour.

But, using this method felt a bit like cheating. While I don’t prefer to use this method, it’s a great way to earn Units in the Expeditions mode.

nms chlorine refine 1

This method involves processing Chlorine in a refiner with Oxygen. The outcome is still Chlorine but when mixed with Oxygen it more than 4X the amount you put in.

nms chlorine refine 2

Chlorine is one of the most expensive resources in NMS so it’s easy money. Here’s how it works.

  1. First, buy some Chlorine and then get a lot of Oxygen
  2. Build a medium or large refiner (portable refiner is no good for this method)
  3. Put Chlorine and Oxygen in the refiner and start processing
  4. After about 4 minutes you’ll have to take out the processed Chlorine and run the refiner again
  5. Sell all the Chlorine

Hope this method will make the process of earning Units easier for you in No Man’s Sky. If you’ve found any other great ways to earn money fast, leave a comment and let me know.