sims 4 how to do homework

SIMS 4: How To Do Homework (Step By Step)

Raising children in Sims 4 is a little bit difficult because you need to do everything to raise a good child, like doing homework, completing trait works, etc.

During the childhood of a sim, they need to complete their homework as a daily task.

In this post, I will show how to do homework in Sims 4. With simply step by step instructions.

Let’s dive in.

Who Can Do Homework?

Basically, Children and teens should do their homework every day as a daily task. After their birth, they grow up to be toddlers and after celebrating their birthdays, they become children.

Then they attend school daily and at the end of the day. That’s whey they’ll need to do homework.

Why Do Homework?

Your child sims should do their homework daily in order to up their grades.

If they do not, their school principals call them and alert them about their grades.

How To Do Homework?

There is a simple way to do the homework of your sim.

Step 1 – Increase The Fun Level

First, you need to increase the fun level of your child. If your child is not in a fun mood or amusement fun, your child rejects to do homework.

Therefore you need to let your child play on a monkey bar or in a park, watch TV, read books, play video games, etc. Then eventually your sim’s fun level increases.

Step 2 – Have a Thoughtful Shower

thoughtful shower

After that, you need to give a thoughtful shower to your child. You can do it by clicking on the shower or bathing tub and selecting a thoughtful shower.

This will increase your child’s inspiration and it helps to do homework.

Step 3 – Do Homework

do homework

In this step, you can click the inventory of your child or teen to find the homework book. Usually, children have yellow color homework books and teens have blue color homework books. then you can select it and do homework.

Step 4 – Have An Adult Help

Adults can also help their children to do their homework. While children are doing their homework, you can select an adult and click on them to help with homework.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it’s a very easy process.

Learning how to do homework in Sims 4 will definitely be beneficial to growing your sims through childhood to adulthood. So keep improving them along the way.