Outriders trickster build guide

OUTRIDERS: Best Trickster Build Guide For Solo Players

If you’re not sure which class is best in Outriders or which build to focus on, this easy guide will definitely help you survive in Enoch.

I had so much fun playing the campaign in Outriders, especially because I went with Trickster class.

At first, I kept dying because Trickster is a very fragile class. But, once I figure out the right build, I was able to breeze through the campaign and even do an endgame Expedition, all solo.

I wanted to share this build with you, so here it is!

Best Class In Outriders?

outriders - trickster

Trickster is the most fun class you can play in Outriders. Because this class gives you some of the coolest and most over-powered abilities that can take down even the toughest captains with just one bullet.

Trickster is also about close-range combat. Since I’m a fan of the run-and-gun style of gameplay, this class was perfect for me.

If you prefer to hide behind cover and snipe enemies, Trickster is not the best class for you. But, if you’re like me and enjoy close-range battles, this build will make you feel invincible.

Devastator is another class you can try if you prefer a more tanky character. But Trickster is the most fun to play class in the game.

Skills – Borrowed Time, Venator’s Knife, Twisted Rounds

The main skills you’ll be using for this Trickster build are:

outriders skills

  • Borrowed Time
  • Venator’s Knife
  • Twisted Rounds

You will use these skills beyond the campaign and all the way through the endgame. So get familiar with them.

Class Path – Assassin

Outriders - Class Path

Trickster has 3 different class paths you can use to build your skill tree. At first, I tried the middle path and got killed all the time.

The Assassin path is the best path to take in combination with the skills we picked.

This class path simply enhances the skills and gives some bonus damage points for close-range weapons as well as other weapons.

We’re going to be using Shotguns as our main weapon, so be sure to grab that Shotgun skill node as well.

Gear Mods To Use

Mods are what solidify our build. Without these mods, this build won’t work. So be sure to unlock these mods.

If you find a gear piece with any of these mods, dismantle it and the mod will be added to your collection. Then you can add that mod to any gear piece you find in the future.

These are the mods you should use and it doesn’t matter which gear piece you slot them in:

outriders mods

  • Gunshield: Borrowed Time receive X amount Firepower boost while the skill is active
  • Time-Space Protection: Borrowed Time receive X amount Armor and X percent resistance bonus
  • Stretched Time: Borrowed Time duration is increased by 100%
  • Twisted Fate: Twisted Rounds receive X percent Critical damage boost bonus
  • Additional Mag: Twisted Rounds last for two magazines

As you level up, the amount of the bonuses you receive from mods will increase. Which is why I mentioned it with X.

Weapons – Shotgun & LMG

outriders - shotgun legendary

Our build gives a massive damage bonus for close-range combat. So use a shotgun as your main weapon.

I got lucky and landed a sweet Legendary shotgun early in the game. But you can use any shotgun for the build. But, save the ammo for bigger and tougher enemies.

I also use a Light Machine Gun with a big clip to take on smaller enemies. They usually die easily so I just spray the gun all over them.

How To Use The Build

Now that you’re fully equipped, here’s how you use a build.

Step 1: Whenever you get into a battle, activate the Borrowed Time skill. For the duration of this skill, you will receive a shield bonus, a damage bonus, thanks to the mods.

Step 2: Then, when enemies come charging at you, throw in the Venator’s Knife. This will not only slow down the enemies but will also damage them for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Now, when you have to take on the baddies, switch to the shotgun and activate the Twisted Rounds skill. This will allow you to take down even the biggest bosses with just a few shots.

Wrapping Up

I know this build is not perfect. But, as a casual player, I found this to be the easiest build to survive the game.

I hope you’ll find it easier and helpful as well.

I’m continuously playing Outriders and I will post more build guides as I’m learning more about the game.