Last Epoch best beginner class

LAST EPOCH: Best Class for Beginners In 2021

Last Epoch is one of the best ARPGs out there. With the game so close to getting out of early access, many are now jumping into the game.

If you’re starting Last Epoch, finding the right class for your first playthrough is important.

Because Last Epoch can be a very tough game if you don’t play the right class with the right build.

In this quick guide, I’ll help you figure out which class is best for your very first playthrough. So that you can survive the game without dying every ten seconds.

Main Classes in Last Epoch

First, let’s do a quick rundown of the main classes in Last Epoch.

last epoch classes

There are 5 classes in Last Epoch:

  • Mage: This is your regular sorcerer class that specializes in spells and magic. This class is very powerful but also very fragile
  • Rogue: The rogue class specializes in short blades like daggers and is very fast-paced. Rogue has some cool skills and abilities as well
  • Primalist: Primalist is all about mastering pets or companions. This class has high survivability when playing solo
  • Acolyte: Acolyte is like the necromancer class you encounter in RPGs. This class can summon skeletons and specialize in black magic skills
  • Sentinel: This is the ordinary tank class that you can use to breeze through the campaign. It’s the class I recommend for beginners

Classes and Masteries

Each class in Last Epoch has 3 Masteries to choose from.

This is like the specialization for the class. And you can unlock them as you level up in the game.

But you need to decide which path you want to take your character. Because once you pick a Mastery, there’s no going back.

last epoch masteries

For example, the Sentinel class allows you to choose from either Paladin, Void Knight, or Forge Guard.

And if you pick Void Knight, your character gains special Void-based attacks and abilities that does more damage to enemies. And it has some of the top builds in the game right now.

Why Sentinel Is The Best Class For Beginners

At first, I struggled to find the right class to play Last Epoch.

Some classes are cooler, some have awesome abilities, but they all had some kind of weakness that made me feel frustrated.

Ironically, Sentinel is the last class I tried. Because it didn’t look cool or have any cool abilities.

Somehow, it’s the class that I managed to settle down with.

last epoch sentinel class

Sentinel is the strongest class in Last Epoch. While playing through levels 1 to 25 my character barely took any damage, even while taking down bosses.

And that’s exactly why Sentinel is the best class for beginners. Especially for your first playthrough.

In the first playthrough of Last Epoch, you’ll be doing a lot of learning and exploring. And while you do all the learning and campaign quests, you need a class that can survive mobs and bosses.

When playing Sentinel, you won’t have any trouble progressing through the campaign.

last epoch sentinel class passives

Sentinel is not the coolest looking class or the one with the best abilities. But, it’s the toughest. Find a Void Knight build and level your character.

Use this class for your first playthrough and then you can try other classes.

Finding The Right Class For Your Playstyle

Once you finish your first playthrough with Sentinel, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how builds work in Last Epoch.

Now, you can create a new character to try other classes.

All of the classes in Last Epoch are amazing and have unique abilities that make them better than the others. So be sure to give them a try.

It’s especially important to find a class that fits your playstyle. Whether you like close-range battles or auto-targeting, there’s a class for everyone in Last Epoch.