15+ Best GENSHIN IMPACT Tips & Tricks For Beginners

If you’re just getting started in Genshin Impact, be warned it’s highly addictive. And it’s a massive game.

In this guide, I’ll share some of the best Genshin Impact tips you can carry with you into the massive world in this game to make sure you get started the right way and avoid getting lost.

Genshin Impact was the surprise hit of 2020. The game launched out of nowhere and made over $100 million in just two weeks.

Well, it’s not really a surprise though. The game was free-to-play, it supports co-op but completely playable solo, and it has cross-play across PC, PS4, and Mobile. What’s not to like.

Just like any millions of other RPG fans out there, I also installed Genshin Impact hoping to give it a try. And before I know it, I was totally addicted. And I even got my sister to play it too.

Genshin Impact is massive. I mean really, really big. And I spent the first dozen hours learning the ins and outs of the game.

These are some of the lessons I learned while playing this game.

1. Get To Adventure Rank 16

genshin impact tips - rank up

In the beginning, don’t worry about anything else but to get your Adventure Rank to level 16. This is where all the fun takes place and you need to get there as fast as you can.

At Adventure Rank 16 the game unlocks the co-op mode. This means you get to play with other players. You get to do dungeons and daily commissions together to earn rewards faster.

Going from rank 1 to rank 10 is easy. You’ll level up as you progress through the main campaign. But to go from 10 to 16 will take a little bit of work.

Thankfully, Genshin has a massive world where you can explore and do fun activities to level up fast.

2. Level Up Your Characters

genshin impact tips - level up character

Genshin Impact allows you to collect characters and play as any one of them. These characters unlock as you progress through the game. And you can buy them as well.

Each character that you own will have their own character levels. This means you’ll have to play as each character to level them up.

This is important because different regions of the map have different levels of enemies. You’ll need higher-level characters to beat them.

3. Leveling Tips

The best way to level up your character fast is to follow the main questline. They reward the highest amounts of XP.

But, to make it more efficient, make sure to add a couple of other quests that are on the path of your main quest, especially commissions, so that you can make the most of your time.

Be sure to complete all 4 missions of Commisions to get a huge XP bonus.

4. Character Level vs Adventure Rank

I noticed on social media that many players often get confused by character level and adventure rank.

Don’t get these two mixed up. Adventure rank is just there to define your progression in the game. Character level is what matters when it comes to taking down high-level enemies and completing missions.

5. Enhance Your Weapons

Much like leveling up your characters, you can also level up your weapons. And it’s crucial to staying alive during tough missions.

For example, if you level up a character to level 20 but still have a level 1 sword, then you won’t do as much damage as you should be.

So remember to enhance your weapons alongside the characters.

6. Use The XP Boosts

You can use XP boosts to level up your characters and enhance weapons. These are given to you for free when completing missions and from treasure chests around the map.

Don’t hoard these XP boosts and crystals until the end of the game. Use them to quickly level up your characters.

7. Cook Like A Chef

You can also cook stuff in Genshin Impact. Once you gather necessary recipes and ingredients from the open world, you can cook dishes.

These foods help you replenish your health during long boss battles. As well as to reive characters when they die.

You’ll learn to cook through a very fun side-mission. Don’t ignore it.

8. Artifact Sets Give You Buffs

genshin impact tips - artifacts

Much like in any other RPG, in Genshin Impact you can also create different types of builds for each and every one of your characters.

Character builds are mainly controlled via the Artifacts. These are like the skill gems you use in games like Diablo.

You can collect Artifact sets that give your character damage, heal, and resistance buffs. When you equip matching Artifact sets, you also get additional buffs as well.

You can learn more about them here.

9. Claim Your Rewards At Adventures Guild

Every time you rank up your adventure rank, you get some cool rewards. But, you need to head over to the Adventure Guild in Mondstadt to collect these rewards.

Don’t forget to go there every time after ranking up. Some of these rewards include Ascension materials.

10. Do The Daily Commissions

Daily commissions are like the usual daily missions you see in RPG games. Every day the game lets you complete 4 or more daily commissions to earn some cool rewards.

In Genshin Impact, the daily commissions unlock at around Adventure Rank 12. These are fun and simple missions you can complete in a few minutes.

11. Use Anemo Towers To Heal

genshin impact tips - map

When exploring the map, you’ll come across some pretty tough battles along the way. Some will eat but a good chunk of your health bar too.

The only way to replenish your health and heal is to eat some fruit or food that you cooked up.

But, a better and a free way to heal is to use the Anemo towers. Simply fast-travel to an Anemo tower and use Worship to heal all your characters for free.

12. Go For A Loot Run

It’s also a good idea to go for a loot run once in a while. Just go exploring the world collecting fruit and vegetables. Beat some enemies and loot treasure chests. Collect all kinds of materials as much as you can.

Because you’ll often need these materials to make stuff. And to complete daily commission missions.

13. Claim The Daily Rewards

genshin impact tips - login rewards

In addition to all those daily commission rewards and adventure rank rewards, the game also gives you a daily login reward. Be sure to grab them every day.

14. How To Ascend Your Characters

Once you level up a character to level 20, you’ll notice that you can’t level them up any further.

That’s because you need to ascend your characters every 20 levels. Ascending is like upgrading your character. And it unlocks new skills as well.

You’ll need unique materials to ascend characters that are unique to each different character. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend real money. You can find all the materials by doing activities and beating specific types of enemies.

When you ascend your character at 20, you can level them again up to 40.

15. Send Characters On Expeditions

genshin impact tips - expeditions

Expeditions also unlock at Adventure Rank 14.

Expeditions in Genshin Impact allows you to send your characters on their own adventures without you. Based on the time you send a character on an expedition, they will bring back specific types of loot. All without you doing any kind of work.

16. Complete The Investigations

genshin impact tips - investigations

The chapter investigations are a feature that’s somewhat hidden in this game but they are an important part of this game. These are small quests you can complete to get bonus XP and rewards.

There are different types of missions you can do like completing tasks, collecting specific types of loot, beating boss enemies, and more. They are a great way to earn exclusive materials as well as to earn massive amounts of XP fast.

It’s especially useful when leveling up your adventure rank.

17. Have Multiple Teams

Make sure to create a couple of different teams for tackling different missions.

For example, most main missions require you to have one character that represents each class. Sometimes, you have to have characters in your team even if you never use them.

So you can create a team for main missions and have another one for your regular grinding and beating bosses.

Genshin Impact is still new and the developer Mihoyo has plans to roll out many updates in the months to come. I’ll be updating this guide with more tips in the coming months. Make sure to keep this page bookmarked.