Elite Dangerous how to get sol permit

ELITE DANGEROUS: How To Get SOL Permit In 2024

Elite Dangerous features a 1:1 scale of our Milky Way galaxy. And that includes our very own solar system.

Visiting the Sol system was one of the first things I wanted to do in Elite Dangerous. Then I learned that I have to obtain a permit to visit Sol.

Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to get the Sol permit in Elite Dangerous.

In this quick guide, I’ll show you how to get it with minimum effort.

What Is The Sol System?

sol system map

Sol system in Elite Dangerous is actually one of the most iconic systems in the game and it’s a system that you must visit. Because it contains our Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and all the other planets and moons.

Sol system is the capital system of the Federation. To visit this system, you need to obtain the Sol permit. This permit is only given to pilots who are trusted by the Federation.

To get the Sol permit, you have to reach the Federal rank of Petty Officer. And only then you are able to visit the Sol system.

Federation Ranks

fed ranking

There are 14 different Federation ranks but you only need 4 ranks to get to the Petty Officer rank.

Once you reach the Petty Officer rank, you will automatically receive the Sol permit. And to reach the Petty Officer rank, you have to gain Federation reputation by doing some missions for them.

Here’s how you can do it.

How To Unlock SOL Permit

I made a quick video showing an easy way to get the Sol permit. Check it out if you prefer a video guide. And please consider subscribing to my channel.

Follow the steps below for a more detailed guide.

Step 1: Go to Perry’s Folly

Doing data delivery missions for the Federation faction is the easiest way to gain Federation reputation.


One of the best places for getting those missions is the Perry’s Folly station in the Ochosi system.

This station gives out multiple courier missions at a time so you can quickly and easily gain Federation reputation.

Step 2: Pick Up Delivery Missions

Once you’re on the Perry’s Folly station, open the mission board and go to the Transport missions tab. Make sure to filter the missions to show only jobs from the Federation.

accept missions

Pick up all of the delivery missions to stations in the Chakpa system.

Step 3: Complete The Mission

Deliver all the missions you’ve picked up to the Chargaff Installation and the Williams Dock stations.

Then pick up any delivery missions from those stations back to the Ochosi system.

Keep repeating this process until you max your reputation with Federation to 100%.

rep reward

Important: Make sure to choose Reputation reward when completing missions.

Step 4: Look For A Mission From Federal Navy

Press the 4 key to go to your ship menu and check the status page.

check status

Here, you can see your current standings with the Federation. If this bar has reached 100%, then you can now level up your rank.

navy mission

Go to the mission board and look for a mission given by Federal Navy.

After completing this mission, you will receive your next Federal rank.

Important: Complete the Federal Navy mission before doing any other courier missions or you will love those reputation rewards.

Step 5: Visit Sol

Once you gain the Petty Officer rank, you will receive a message granting you permission to visit the Sol system.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Go exploring. It’s a beautiful place you must experience fully.

sol system

Note: Sometimes, the game can bug out so if you still couldn’t jump to the system, try logging out of the game and log back in. It should fix the issue.

Bonus Tip: Donating Credits


While you’re doing delivery missions, check for donation missions posted by the Federation on the mission board.

These missions also reward Federal reputation but they will cost you some credits. Although, it’s a very easy way to gain reputation fast.

In Conclusion

While this is the easiest way to get the Sol permit, it’s not the only way. You can also do other normal missions for the Federation to gain reputation and rank up. But they will give you smaller rewards and it will take more time.

This quick federation ranking method was first covered by the CMDR’s Toolbox website. If it weren’t for that guide, I would have also spent a lot of time trying to gain reputation.