Diablo immortal tips and tricks

15+ Best DIABLO IMMORTAL Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Even though it’s a mobile game, Diablo Immortal is massive.

There are so many features and mechanics you need to know about the game to make the most of your time in this game.

There are gems, different gear types, different classes, missions, bounties, rifts, and the list goes on.

But there’s no need to get overwhelmed by all this. Take one thing at a time and you’ll learn the ins and outs of this game very easily.

That’s why I wanted to gather these Diablo Immortal tips and tricks to help you get a head start in the popular ARPG.

These are things that I learned on my own and helped me along my journey in the game.

Let’s dive in.

1. Go With Barbarian

diablo immortal barbarian

If you’re trying to figure out which class is the strongest or has the best survival stats to play the game solo, it’s Barbarian.

Try playing your first playthrough with the Barbarian class. It’s one of the easiest classes to learn and it’s fun too.

You can then try other classes in a second playthrough, after learning the basics about the game.

2. Play On Mobile or PC?

diablo immortal graphics

Diablo Immortal can be played on both PC and mobile. It supports cross-save so you can play on PC and pick up from where you left off on mobile. It’s one of the fun things about the game.

I prefer to play on PC with a controller. And if I’m away from home, I jump in on mobile to do some bounties and grind monsters. It’s super fun.

Play however you like. But I must say, it looks great on PC.

3. Turn On Auto-Loot

diablo immortal auto loot

As soon as you start the game for the first time, go to settings and enable Auto-loot. This allows your character to automatically loot stuff from the ground.

4. Loot and Then Salvage

You’ll come across a lot of loot in Diablo Immortal but most of them are garbage. But still, you should loot as much as you can.

Then travel over to a town, go to a gear vendor, and salvage everything.

This will give you valuable resources you can then use to upgrade the gear that you regularly use.

5. Progress In The Story Quests

The story campaign in Diablo Immortal lasts over 20 hours. And it’s a really fun experience. Make sure to progress through the main quests before anything else.

The first half of the main quest storyline acts as a tutorial. So it’s important to complete them. But they also reward you with lots of XP, which will help you level up much faster.

6. Avoid Microtransactions

Diablo Immortal shop

If you haven’t heard yet or have been sleeping under a rock, Diablo Immortal utilizes some of the most predatory monetization strategies there are.

Just FYI, don’t be fooled by all those claims saying this and that is “800% value”, it’s definitely not!

But these pay-to-win and pay-walls mostly apply in the endgame content or when competing in PVP.

So if you’re not interested in PVP or grinding out 5-star gems in the game to be the best in the game to climb world rankings, you don’t need to worry about having to spend any money on the game.

7. Learn To Craft Gems

Diablo Immortal gem crafting

That brings up my next tip and that is to learn to craft gems.

Gems are an important mechanic in Diablo Immortal that you can equip in your gear to get cool buffs and passives.

You can obtain gems in many ways by doing activities in the game. But you can also craft them.

You will learn to craft gems as a part of the main questline. So I won’t go into the details. But pay attention to that quest and learn it well to take advantage of the gem crafting system.

8. Do Bounties

Diablo Immortal bounties

Bounties are one of the best ways you can farm for XP, loot, and gold. Every day you can complete a set of bounties that give thousands of XP and other rewards.

These bounties are perfect for grinding levels in the early game.

9. Complete Battle Pass Activities

Diablo Immortal battle pass

The battle pass has a free tier that has some cool rewards, including free gems. So be sure to complete those battle pass missions every day. Plus they give you tons of XP too.

10. Join A Shadow Clan

diablo immortal shadows

Once you reach level 43, you will be able to join a Shadow Clan.

This is like a secret society in the game that gives you access to lots of other activities like raids, group activities, and shadow bounties.

Joining a shadow clan could take time as you only get access to it after winning a lottery. But it’s free, don’t worry. Wait for the mission to popup and it will show you how it works.

11. Do Shadow Bounties

Shadow bounties are like a super-charged version of regular bounties. Shadow bounties offer hundreds of thousands of XP for completing each bounty and they are super easy to complete.

When leveling your character in late-game, these are a great source of XP.

12. Do Elder & Challenge Rifts

diablo immortal elder rifts

Challenge Rifts are more than just about grinding XP and loot. They also unlock better rewards for you in the game. For example, the YouTube Wudijo says that unlocking Challenge Rifts 12 or higher enables better legendary loot drops in the game.

13. Don’t Forget To Grab The Daily Freebies

Diablo Immortal daily rewards

Every day you’ll get free stuff in the game for just logging in and killing the first monster.

Don’t forget to claim these rewards as they often include some valuable resources.

14. Use The Random Gear Vendor

Diablo Immortal random gear

There’s a gear vendor in Westmarch that allows you to gamble on high-quality weapons and armor.

You can try your luck with this vendor to get better gear. But be careful, the more you try the higher the cost will get.

Go to the Rarities and Antiquities shop to access this vendor.

15. Get Free Crests

Diablo Immortal hilts vendor

Crests allow you to access the Rifts in Westmarch to try your luck at legendary gems. Every day, the game gives you 1 free normal crest. But there’s a way to get legendary crests for free as well.

Go to the Hilts trader and you’ll see that he sells some cool stuff like legendary gems and legendary crests in exchange for Hilts. You can buy 1 of these legendary items per month. So use them wisely.

16. Create an Alt Character

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter

Creating another character in the game is a great way to farm more resources, gems, and other items in the game. It’s also useful when you hit paywalls in the game in the endgame.

Use this as an opportunity to try a different class and have fun.

17. What Happens After Reaching Endgame

The endgame in Diablo Immortal is where the game goes hard with MTX and paywalls.

But there are still lots of fun activities in the game for you to enjoy as a free-to-play player. I haven’t spent a single penny on the game so far and I’ve been enjoying the game a lot.

Play the game at your own pace, enjoy the main campaign, and have fun with the game. After all, that’s what playing games are all about.