diablo immortal best class for beginners

DIABLO IMMORTAL: What Is The Best Class For Beginners?

Despite the outcry around the game, Diablo Immortal is still a great game to play on mobile and PC.

If you’re still on the fence about playing the game, don’t hesitate to give it a try. It’s free to play after all. You don’t have to spend any money to enjoy the story campaign, which lasts over 20 hours.

If you can find the right class to match your play style, you’ll definitely enjoy Diablo Immortal much more.

In this short guide, I’ll help you pick the best class for your first playthrough of Diablo Immortal.

Main Classes In Diablo Immortal

diablo immortal classes

There are 6 different classes in Diablo Immortal:

  • Barbarian: This is the melee class that mostly does close-quarter combat
  • Crusader: This is like the Paladin class that also has the strongest stats. Great for tank builds
  • Demon Hunter: The archer class that’s great for boss battles but falls behind when dealing with mobs
  • Wizard: The magic class. Great for glass cannon builds
  • Monk: Another magic-themed class
  • Necromancer: Dark magic class. Great for pet and summoner builds

Why Choose Barbarian

diablo immortal barbarian

Barbarian is without contest the best class for beginners.

This class is very easy to understand as it doesn’t have a lot of mechanics involved. So even if you’re completely new to ARPGs, you will still enjoy playing the game with this class.

Barbarian is also the second strongest class in the game. You can build a tanky character that can solo anything in the main campaign and dungeons.

Skills like Whirlwind and Hammer of the Ancients make the class really fun to play.

Barbarian is a particularly slow class but it’s also a great DPS class that can handle both bosses and mobs without any outside help.

Overall, Barbarian is the most well-rounded class in Diablo Immortal that has a balance of all stats. This makes it the perfect class for both beginners and solo players.

Other Options

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter

If Barbarian is too slow for you, there are a couple of other options you can play.

Demon Hunter is especially great as it allows you to attack enemies at long range as well as take on bosses all on your own.

If you’re a fan of magic-based classes, both Wizard and Monk classes are perfect for you. Whether you want to shoot lightning bolts or fireballs, there are many options for you in Diablo Immortal.

Try Different Classes

Diablo Immortal builds

Diablo Immortal has a very useful feature that suggests you builds based on your play style.

This is a great feature that makes it very easy to make a build for your class without having to look up build guides.

So create a few different characters and experiment with these builds. It will make it easy for you to figure out which class is the most fun for you to play in every day.

Then again if you’re confused and just want to get a head start, you can’t go wrong with Barbarian.