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Stardew Valley: 10+ Best Fishing Spots To Catch Better Fish

If you’re new to Stardew Valley, fishing is a great way to make some extra money! In the game, you can go fishing in various spots and catch all sorts of fish.

Each fish has a value and a quality rating. Plus, there are lots of different lakes and rivers around the valley where you can fish.

You might be wondering where the best spots are to catch the really good fish. Well, no need to worry! I’ll give you all the details in this article. Just keep on reading!

Best Fishing Spots

So here is the list of the best places to catch fish. If you want to know in detail, please read the rest of the article.

  • Large rock near the left dock on the beach
  • Mountain Lake
  • River near Lea’s cottage
  • Secret wood pond
  • Cindersap Forest Pond
  • Witch’s Swamp
  • Mines
  • Volcano Caldera
  • River in the Ginger Island
  • Ginger Island Ocean
  • The Pond in the Calico Desert

1. Large Rock Near the Left Dock On The Beach


If you’re aiming to catch cool sea creatures like octopus, eel, tuna, tilapia, squid, and more, your go-to spot is the ocean. Just head over to Willy’s shop area, then walk to the left dock. Look out for a big rock in the water – that’s your target! All you have to do is stand on the dock and cast your bait toward the rock. Happy fishing!

2. Mountain Lake

mountain lake

Mountain Lake is another great place to catch fish like chub, carp, largemouth bass, bullhead, and rarest species like legend.

3. River near Lea’s Cottage

river near lea_s cabin

If you are familiar with the Stardew Valley map, the river is a common type of water body that flows around the valley. The best place to catch fish like catfish, shad, smallmouth bass, bream, and sunfish is the river. You can cast your bait in any place. But near Lea’s cottage is my favorite.

4. Secret Wood Pond

secret wood pond

Secret Wood is situated in the northwest area of the Cindersap forest. You can get access to the forest by destroying the large log using at least a steel axe. Once you go to the forest you can catch fish inside its pond. You can get carp, catfish, and Woodskip from this spot.

5. Cindersap Forest Pond

cindersap forest pond

Cindersap forest pond is another place where you can catch rare and high-quality fish. Cindersap Forest is situated in the Southwest part of the Stardew Valley. You can catch perch. Walleye, Dorado, and many more fish from here.

6. Witch’s Swamp

witchs hut

If you want to catch void salmons, the only place is Witch’s Swamp. This place can be unlocked after you complete the Dark Talisman Quest. Witch’s Swamp is situated in the Northeast part of the railroad area.

7. Mines


You can catch stonefish and ghostfish inside the mine. So, take your fishing rod with you when you mining.

8. Volcano Caldera

the volcano

If you unlocked Ginger Island, you may have seen a volcano on the north edge of the island. When you enter this volcano, you need to reach for the forge by passing 10 floors. Here you can catch lava eel, one of the precious fish in the game.

9. River In The Ginger Island

birdies cottage

Again, the river in Ginger Island is a great way to catch pufferfish, octopus, midnight carp, and blue discus. The best place is the river near Birdie’s shack.

10. Ginger Island Ocean

ginger island ocean

You can catch tuna, pufferfish, flounder, super cucumber, and lionfish from fishing in the ginger island ocean.

11. The Pond In The Calico Desert

desert pond

If you unlocked the Calico desert by completing the vault bundle in the community center, you can see the pond outside the skull cavern. If you fish here, you can catch sandfish and scorpion carp.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing time by the river, a chance to catch unique fish in the forest, or some deep-sea excitement, this wonderful valley has something for every angler.

Grab your fishing rod, head to these spots, and enjoy the thrill of reeling in those fish. Don’t forget, exploring and discovering new places is all part of the fishing fun.