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How To Save In NO MAN’s SKY: 3 Easy Methods

No Man’s Sky is one of the few games that gives you multiple ways to save your game.

It actually allows you to save the game using 3 different methods.

If you’re new to the game, these game-saving methods may not be apparent to you.

So this is a simple guide to show you how to save in No Man’s Sky.

Method 1: Use Your Spaceship

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The easiest way to save your game in No Man’s Sky is to just jump in and out of your spaceship.

Whenever you get out of your spaceship, the game auto-saves your progress and location.

Keep this in mind in your travels, especially when doing perma-death playthroughs, because if you jump out of your spaceship at a hazardous location, you may have to start all over again.

Method 2: Carry A Save Point

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You can also use Save Points to save your game.

Save Point is a craftable object that you can carry around in your backpack.

Whenever you need to save the game, you can place it on the ground and save.

Save Points are useful when you’re adventuring around in remote locations. Especially when you’re exploring new worlds, you have to venture farther away from your ship. A Save Point will allow you to save the game without having to go all the way back to the ship.

Or you can keep Save Points around your base to easily save the game while working on your base.

The blueprint for the Save Point can be acquired after completing a few base computer side-missions.

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Once you have the blueprint, you can build a Save Point using the Build menu, which you can access by pressing the Z key on Keyboard on PC.

Method 3: Use Save Beacons

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Save Beacons work just like Save Points.

You can build them and carry them in your backpack.

A special benefit of using a Save Beacon is that you can use them as waypoints.

When you place a Save Beacon somewhere on a planet, it becomes visible from the space.

This allows you to easily mark locations on planets as well as to easily save your location.

How To Load From A Save

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If you want to load from a save file, you can do so by going to your Options menu.

From there, you can choose to load from an auto-save or manual save.

In Conclusion

There are so many ways you can save the game in No Man’s Sky. Make sure to take advantage of all these methods in your travels.