Elite Dangerous chemical processors

ELITE DANGEROUS: Easiest Way To Get Chemical Processors In 2024

Chemical Processors is one of the many materials in Elite Dangerous that you need for engineering.

It’s especially a requirement for upgrading your Frame Shift Drive, which is a must for all commanders who wants to explore the Milky Way in Elite Dangerous.

When I was upgrading my FSD, I had to do a lot of research to figure out a way to acquire Chemical Processors. I actually went through the old-school method to farm them when there’s a very simpler way to get Chemical Processors.

In this guide, I will show you both easier and old-school methods for getting Chemical Processors.

What Are Chemical Processors?

chemical processors mat

As I explained earlier, Chemical Processors is a manufactured material in Elite Dangerous. This material is used in ships. Unsurprisingly you can only find them on ships.

That means only one thing. You have to destroy some ships to acquire this material. Yes, you will have to go do some bounty hunting or pirate hunting to get this material. But there’s also an easier way to get it.

How To Farm Chemical Processors (Old School Method)

Let’s start with the old-school and the harder, method for farming Chemical Processors.

I made a quick guide for this method on my YouTube channel. You can check it out above to see how this method works.

Or dive in below for the step-by-step info.

Step 1: Get A Cheap Ship

To farm Chemical Processors, you need to destroy pirate ships. This means you need to be prepared to have some rebuy money, in case you die.

viper mk3

So it’s best to get a very cheap ship that’s good enough for combat. Viper MKIII is my go-to choice for simple combat.

Grab any ship you like and equip it with some Lasers and multi-cannons. Also, install a collector limpet. Make sure to buy some limpets on your way out.

Step 2: Go To A High Threat Extraction Site

Now find a system with High security. You can use the Inara website to find out closer to your current location.

extraction site

Once you arrive at a High security system, look for a Resource Extraction site with a High or Hazardous level.

Go there and wait for pirates to show up.

Step 3: Take Down Pirate Ships

Look for ships that are engaged in combat and Target them using the T key on the keyboard.


View the status of the targeted ships on the bottom left-hand side and make sure it has a Wanted level.

kill pirates

Now wait until the ship’s integrity falls below about 50% after Cops deal enough damage to this target ship.

Now start blasting your weapons to kill the pirate.

Step 4: Collect Materials

Once the ship is destroyed, get closer to that location and deploy your limpets to collect the materials left from the ship debris. These materials usually include Chemical Processors.

ship inventory

You can check your ship inventory to see how much material you have.

Keep repeating this process until you have enough mats.

Method 2: Buy It From Trader (Easy Method)

There’s another and much easier way to get Chemical Processors. And that is to buy them from a material vendor.

mat trader

Material vendors allow you to trade different types of materials in exchange for other valuable materials in your inventory. So this means you will need some mats to trade.

You can find use Inara to find a Manufactured Material vendor that’s closest to you. Go to that location and trade for Chemical Processors.

It’s easier but that means you will be sacrificing some of your other resources for a bunch of Chemical Processors.

In Conclusion

I occasionally buy mats from traders but I recommend you to use the old-school method to farm materials. It’s more fun and cheaper. Plus you can earn some credits while you beat some pirates.