Medieval Delivery Review: Do Uber Eats Deliveries In Medieval Times

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As a fan of the “walking simulators” genre, I often look for games with chill vibes where I can simply walk around and do casual activities without having to worry about anything.

While on the search for my next chill game, I came across Medieval Delivery. As the title suggests, it’s a stupidly simple and chill game where you do deliveries in medieval times.

A better way to describe Medieval Delivery is to compare it to Hideo Kojima’s masterpiece, Death Stranding. Except for a few differences.

Instead of delivering expensive equipment, bombs, and people as in Death Stranding, you are delivering food, books, and regular goods in Medieval Times. And instead of battling mules and BTs, you battle chickens and dogs in this game.

It’s not a fair comparison, I know. But I had to do it just for fun.

Medieval Times is a super fun game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

medieval delivery graphics

In my first mission, I was asked by a butcher to deliver some meat. Along the way, I was chased by dogs and chickens. And as a reward, I was given a map, which unlocked the minimap. In the second mission, I was given a backpack to carry more goods.

The gameplay system in Medieval Delivery is very simple. You simply accept a quest from a person in the town and make a delivery from one point to another.

medieval delivery missions

Almost always, it’s a simple task like delivering an item from one location to the next. Or searching for a lost item and delivering it to the owner.

medieval delivery night time

During nightfall, you can return home to advance time and get back into the grind. Basically, it’s like playing Uber Eats in medieval times.

medieval delivery missions chasing chicken

You will be challenged with different types of missions as you progress. You will also have to find routes to avoid thieves and dogs to deliver packages safely.

medieval delivery search mission

There are other mechanics in the game to keep you busy as well, like a base-building system for making your home look prettier. But, at its core, Medieval Delivery is about chill and relaxing gameplay.

The graphics of the game look clean, creative, and pretty to look at. It’s not the most beautiful game, but it gets the job done. The performance optimization, however, needs a lot of work. Even with the above recommended specs, I noticed a few jitters here and there and system usage was pretty high at most times too.

The town in the game is always populated with random NPCs that don’t add much to the game other than traffic that blocks the road. Reducing these NPC counts will surely improve the game’s performance.

Since the game is in Early Access, I would expect these issues to be ironed out in the near future.

Overall, I enjoyed Medieval Delivery. I had short sessions of about 20-30 minutes at a time doing a couple of deliveries. Admittedly, it gets repetitive and boring after a few deliveries. But I did return to the game when I needed a break from other more serious games.

Medieval Delivery is in early access and it’s available on Epic Games and The game is landing on Steam on 9th September 2023.


Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this game and I played the game before its release on Steam. Any of the features I mention in this review might get changed in the final release and bugs, issues, glitches may get patched as well.