Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is back

How Ubisoft Is Rebooting The DIVISION 2 With Year 5 Plan

The Division 2 is one of the most hated games that was ever released by Ubisoft.

The community reacted so negatively and harshly to this game that it led to Ubisoft shutting down the live service looter-shooter only after 2 years of its release.

But in a surprising turn of events, Ubisoft is bringing back The Division 2 from the dead. Lots of new content, updates, seasons, and DLCs are coming to the game.

What’s exactly going on? Is The Division 2 dead? Or is it time to return to the game?

What Happened?

division 2 ny

Sure, The Division 2 launch did not go smoothly. There were lots of bugs and issues with the game. And they were all good reasons for the negative feedback from the community.

The developers continued to work on the game and released patches and fixes. The game was stable. In fact, I played the campaign twice without having any major issues.

But this community’s negativity did not stop. Especially the YouTubers and content creators continued to criticize the game and influenced players to do the same.

The developers were harassed and made fun of every time they announced an update. So I understand the reasons behind the decision to end the support for the game.

In 2021, the game was recycling its previously released seasons content, and eventually, the developers announced they are no longer working on the game.

The Division 2 Reboot

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When Ubisoft announced the return to The Division 2 in late 2022, it came as a surprise to everyone.

A smaller development team took over the game from the previous team and started working on making improvements to the game in 2022. A new season was announced and they continued to deliver updates and patches to make the game better.

This new dev team was making all the right decisions and started getting the attention of the players.

And with the game finally released on Steam, a new wave of players started getting into The Division 2. All the more reasons for Ubisoft to bring new content to the game.

And during The Division day event, Ubisoft revealed more details about the upcoming content for the game, including the Year 5 content plan.

What’s Coming In Year 5?

The Seasons are getting a revamped from the Year 5 of The Division 2.

division 2 year 5

They will now be called Year 5 Season 1 and so on. The developers promised a brand new approach to seasonal content from Y5S4, calling it Seasons 2.0, which will include more engaging gameplay. 4 new seasons with new events have already been planned for the game.

There will be lots of balancing changes and improvements in-between as well.

The most exciting part was the new DLC announcement.

The New DLC

A new DLC for The Division 2 was promised for a long time since the release of Warlords of New York expansion. Seeing it officially announced was a delightful surprise.

division 2 year 5 broken wings

Ubisoft teased the new story DLC to be released around the release of Year 5 Season 4, which will likely happen in around February 2024, if everything goes according to schedule.

Should You Return To The Division 2?

SteamDB charts show that around 1000-1600 players are actively playing The Division 2 on Steam. And that’s just on Steam. Lots of players are on consoles as well.

Many players are still reporting game crashes and bugs, but personally, I’ve been playing The Division 2 for over 100 hours recently and only experienced a crash once or twice.

The game is in a great place right now and there’s enough content in the game to keep you busy for well over 100 hours.

Given how often the game goes on sale, it’s good value for money.

I hope more players will continue to play the game and support the developers so we can enjoy new content for one of the best looter-shooters I’ve ever played.