Sims 4 best stuff packs

SIMS 4: Best Stuff Packs & Expansions You Need To Try

With Sims 4 going free to play, many new players are now experiencing the life sim for the first time.

If you’ve already played the base game and want to try some new content, you’re in luck. There’s lots of cool content you can try out in Sims 4.

Over the last few years, Sims 4 received a whole bunch of updates in the form of expansions and stuff packs.

These expansion packs and stuff packs make the game more interesting and fun. Of course, it can be quite expensive to buy them all.

Here are some of my favorite Sims 4 stuff packs and expansions you should try out.

Best Stuff Packs In Sims 4

Stuff packs are some smaller and cheap price packs that can upgrade your sim’s lives with fun stuff and fashions.

There are 18 stuff packs right now in Sims 4. Among them here are the best.

1. Tiny Living

Tiny living stuff pack

Tiny living stuff pack is well suitable for those who like a tiny lifestyle. In this stuff pack, you will receive clothing and furniture items, and brand-new lot types with a tiny residential area.

The fun thing here is, you can learn how to live in a tiny area, with some space-saving items.

Trust me, You need to try this.

2. Laundry Day

Laundry day stuff pack

All of us like to wear clean and neat clothes, including sims. To experience his thing, you need to get the Laundry Day stuff pack.

Under this pack, you can wash clothes, toss clothes in a dryer, and handwash clothes in a washtub.

In addition, your sims can live in the countryside in the stuff pack.

3. Nifty Knitting

Nifty Knitting Stff pack

Nifty Knitting is the best stuff pack for simmers those who like to start a small business.

You can start knitting clothes and decors. From children to elders, everyone can knit. After mastering the skill, they can pass the knowledge to others.

Apart from that, you can list or buy items from Plopsy, an online crafting marketplace.

4. Paranormal

Paranormal stuff pack

If you are a fan of supernatural and horror games, then you should try this stuff pack.

The paranormal stuff pack contains some amazing features like haunted houses, hosting a seance, a Paranormal investigator career, communication with the dead, new furniture, and new looks. Worth to try it.

5. Moschino

Moschino stuff pack

Moschino stuff pack is well suitable for fashion lovers. You can try out the Moschino collection, join as a freelance fashion photographer, and create your own studio as well.

Best Expansions In Sims 4

We have already talked about stuff packs in The Sims 4.

Also, there are some Expansions you need to try. Expansions are very large packs in size that you can try new adventures. There are 13 expansions in Sims 4 now.

Here are some of the best in Sims 4.

1. Seasons

Seasons expansion

The seasons expansion pack is very enjoyable.

You can have fun with seasons, summon thunderstorms, jump between seasons, do various seasonal activities, celebrate holidays like Christmas, and try out and advance status of your gardening career with some new activities.

2. High School Years

High school years expansion

If you want to get the high school experience even though you passed it, then try this expansion.

You can attend classes, dance on prom night and other high school activities, ask your crush out, do a prank, design your bedroom and outfits, and many more fun activities.

3. Get Famous

Get famous expansion

Want to become a star? Then try this expansion pack.

You can be famous and rich, join the acting career, be the talk of the town, and spend a luxurious life as a well-popular celebrity.

4. Cottage Living

Cottage living expansion

The Cottage Living expansion pack is good for simmers who like to live far away from town.

You can raise animals, make your own crops, befriend with locals, etc.

5. Get To Work

Get to work expansion

Need to have fun with new Jobs? Then this is the right expansion pack you need to purchase.

Under this pack, you can try out different types of careers such as doctor, detective or scientist, create your own retail business, new skills like photography and baking.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many fun and adventurous stuff packs and expansion packs in Sims 4. Try these things to differentiate your gaming experience. Have a Sims day!