Division 2 worth playing

Is THE DIVISION 2 Worth Playing In 2023?

Ubisoft is finally bringing its games back to Steam and the latest game to join is The Division 2.

That’s right, you can now play The Division 2 on Steam starting January 12, 2023. It’s been a long time since the game was originally launched on Epic Store in 2019.

So the million-dllar question remains: Is Division 2 worth playing right now?

The short answer is a big YES!! Division 2 is totally worth it.

And here’s why

Warlords of New York Expansion

If you’re going to buy the Division 2 on Steam, make sure to grab the Warlords of New York expansion with it.

The base game of Division 2 comes with lots of content. About 60 hours of worth of content. But, the new Warlords of New York expansion changes the game completely by adding a brand new map and missions to the game.

By introducing new gameplay elements and enemy factions, you’ll experience a whole new game with the expansion.

This expansion also extends your character’s max level from Level 30 to Level 40 and introduces a new SHD level system that you can farm beyond thousands of levels.

This made the game much more enjoyable and made the endgame grind more rewarding at the same time.

Season Pass Progression


Once you finish the campaign and reach the endgame, you can now keep playing the game by progressing through the season pass.

The new Season Pass works similarly to other games. There’s both a free and premium tier. Each tier includes cool gear and items you can get by completing tasks.

As a fan of grinding for loot, this gives me a reason to play the game more often.

Game Is Better Than Ever


Over the past years, the devs kept improving this game with continuous updates and patches. The game is now well polished and plays better than ever. You’ll feel a true AAA experience playing the game now.

It’s now even upgraded for next-gen consoles.

Having said that I should also mention that there are lot of people who are having issues with the game. Some have crashes every 20 minutes and some even struggle to get the game running.

Fortunately, I haven’t had any issues with the game so far.

Jump Straight To Level 30


If you’re a returning player, you can now boost your character.

If you can’t be bothered to play through the early levels, you can jump straight to the new expansion content with a quick and free level upgrade.

When you buy the Warlords of New York expansion for Division 2 you’ll get a chance to create a character at Level 30. And skip all the early missions. Of course, you can go back and play the main story missions later as well.

Get To Level 40


The new expansion also increases the level cap of the game from Level 30 to Level 40. Now you’ll have another reason to play the game, level up your character, and farm for even better gear.

Developer Support Is Slow

The only negative feedback I have about this game is the slow support from the developers.

Ever since the WoNY expansion in 2020, there hasn’t been a significant content drop in the game.

The developers even started replaying the same seasons content for many months and stopped the development of a new expansion.

However, we received some good news in 2022. Ubisoft Massive announced that they are kickstarting the support for Division 2 by bringing in new content to the game in 2023.

They will be releasing new Seasons with cosmetics for players to farm. There’s also rumors of a new expansion for the game but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Should You Play Division 2?

With the Steam release of The Division 2, hopefully the development of new content will pick up the pace. But it will depend on how well it performs with Steam users.

Even still, Division 2 is still worth playing at its current state. You could easily get more than 100 hours of enjoyment out of the game playing the campaign and farming exotics.

It’s also a great game to play with friends. If you have a few buddies to play with, team up and play some missions. It’s super fun.