DESTINY 2: Best Titan Build for Solo Players In 2022

Playing Destiny 2 as a solo player is one of the best experiences you could ever have.

If you love the grind for loot, you won’t need to play any multiplayer matches to enjoy Destiny 2.

Surviving the game as a solo player, however, can be difficult if you don’t understand the main parts of your build and how to use them right.

In this guide, I’ll share a few tips you can use to make the right Destiny 2 Build to survive the game all by yourself.

I’ve played through every expansion of Destiny 2 and beat every campaign boss as a solo player, without help from any other players. So I can safely say that this build works.

Why Titan?

Titan has been my go-to choice since the beginning of my Destiny 2 playthrough.

I loved the superhero-style skills and abilities that come with Titan.

Simply put, as a solo player, you will be fighting the enemies up close and that requires good melee abilities as well as the ability to withstand damage.

Titan is the perfect class for achieving both those goals.

So go with Titan.

Understanding Armor Stats

destiny 2 armor stats 3

There are six different types of stats associated with each piece of armor you equip:

  • Mobility: This determines your movement speed and jump height
  • Resilience: This determines your shield health
  • Recovery: This stat is for health regeneration speed
  • Discipline: This stat is for improving grenade ability cooldown
  • Intellect: This stat is for improving the Super ability cooldown
  • Strength: This one is for improving the melee ability cooldown

Maxing out all these stats at the same time is pretty much impossible so your best bet is to pick one or two stats and focus your build around those stats.

Why Focus On Recovery?

destiny 2 armor stats

For a long time, I used a build focused on Resilience.

Since it provided higher shield, I assumed it was the best way to improve survivability. More armor means more tankiness, right. Well, I was wrong.

What’s more important is being able to recover your health when taking damage.

Imagine fighting a boss and you take massive damage. If you have a Resilience-based build, you may survive being killed by that attack. But it will take a long time to recover your health.

By the time that next attack comes, you will die anyway because you still haven’t recovered your health.

So instead I changed my build to focus on Recovery. This means I can regenerate my health faster.

Ideal Stats for the Build

If you can customize your build to get max Recovery, it will be perfect. But, you’ll also have to sacrifice some of your other stats.

So I tried to balance things out while focusing more on Recovery. I went for 90 Recovery and 60 Resilience.

With this build, I’m able to survive that enemy attack without getting killed and recover my health soon enough to survive the second attack.

So you should aim for a minimum of 90 Recovery at all times. Go for 100 if possible.

How To Customize Armor Stats

If you’re aren’t already aware, you can customize your armor pieces to increase different stats however you like.

destiny 2 armor stats 2

For example, if one of your armor pieces only has 10 Recovery, you can mod it to add an additional 10 Recovery to make it a total of 20 Recovery.

This works for each piece of armor you wear. And if one of your armors doesn’t have enough energy to equip a mod, you can upgrade the armor to increase the energy as well. It will only take some legendary shards.

In Summary

So to sum things up, focus your build on the Recovery stat. Get it to 90+ Recovery. Get Resilience to at least above 50. And mod your armor to improve stats.

I only covered the very basics of a titan build. Actually, I only cover the armor, which is the most important part of surviving Destiny 2 as a solo player.

I’ll leave it up to you to find the right type of weapons and mod your armor even further to work well with your weapons.

Because I believe you should pick the weapons that you enjoy playing with rather than trying to play with weapons that I pick out for you.