sims 4 how to age up toddlers

SIMS 4: Easiest Way To Age Up Toddlers & Infants

One of the most fun things you can do in Sims 4 is watching infants and toddlers grow up.

There’s no greater feeling than seeing your (virtual) children grow up and start their own lives.

But how do you age up your toddlers and infants in Sims 4?

In this guide, I will walk you through the process step by step. It’s actually much easier than you think.

How To Age Up Toddlers

age up toddlers

Unlike infants, toddlers can age up very easily. What you need to do is cut the cake. You can hold a birthday party and cut the cake or you can make a cake any day and cut it.

making a cake

You can make a cake by clicking on the gas cooker. Then you will see the recipes. You should select a cake. After making it, you need to put the cake in the center of the table. After that, click on the cake to cut it.

Then you will see an option to add birthday candles to the cake. When you click it, your sim will add candles to the cake. After that, again click on the cake.

You will see an option to blow out the candles with your child. When you click that, your sim will bring the toddler and blow out the candles. After that, your toddler will age up.

How To Age Up Infants

age up new borns

Infants age up automatically on their birthdays. You can check their birthdays by clicking on the calendar tab on your screen.

However, you cannot age up infants before their birthdays.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you do not need to wait until their birthdays to age up your infants and toddlers. You can easily age up them with a few tricks. Try these methods.