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Should You Buy DESTINY 2 Forsaken & Shadowkeep Expansions?

Destiny 2 is now free to play. Now the question is everyone’s mind is should you buy the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions?

The short answer is YES! And I’ll tell you why.

Destiny 2 New Light, the free-to-play version actually grants you full access to the game. Well sort of.

You arrive in the game with level 750 gear. You have access to all Year 1 and 2 content. And you get access to all the locations on the map as well.

destiny 2 free to play

Update, February 2022: With the Witch Queen expansion, Destiny 2 has removed the Forsaken campaign and all of its content. So you can no longer buy the expansion or access its story.

If you’re not sure how to get into the game, I recommend that you try the Free to Play version. And then get the Beyond Light expansion. If you enjoyed Beyond Light, get Witch Queen expansion. It includes all the latest features of the game with amazing areas to explore.

The Story Is Worth The Money

destiny 2 cayde 6

Destiny 2 has one of the coolest story campaigns in looter-shooter games I’ve ever played. Each mission is packed with cinematic cutscenes and the voice actors are also pretty amazing as well.

The real stuff begins when you get to Forsaken expansion, where you go on missions with Cayde-6, voiced by Nathan Filion. The story is quite captivating and emotional.

For this reason alone, getting the Forsaken expansion is worth it. Shadowkeep continues the story with new locations and more campaign mission. So why not grab it to continue the journey?

Dungeons Have Better Loot

With the new Shadowkeep expansion comes Dungeons to Destiny 2. Dungeons are sort of like running bounty missions in Diablo where you go in, hunt some enemies, and gather awesome loot.

Dungeons are only available to Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansion holders. You’ll need the expansions to grab the best loot in the game. That’s a fact!

Exotics, If You’re Into Them

Hunting for exotics in Destiny 2 are considered to be one of the most fun things to do in the game. Many players spend most of their time collecting exotics, which provide gear and weapons with better stats and unique effects.

You get 3 exotics with the free version of Destiny 2. To get the rest, you’ll need the expansions.

The Game Is Not Fun Without Sub-Classes

destiny 2 titan abilities

Each character you create has special abilities. These abilities can be enhanced with sub-classes. Each expansion, Forsaken and Shadowkeep brings a new set of sub-classes to the game. For example, the Forsaken expansion includes a cool sub-class for Titans that basically turns him into a hammer-wielding Thor.

These sub-classes are not available in the free version of the game.

Now, if these don’t sound intriguing enough for you you can still install Destiny 2 for free and enjoy the basic campaign missions and then have fun in the Crucible, where the PVP matches take place.

If you’re a solo player, I’d highly recommend getting the expansions as they provide so much more value, especially in terms of story, lore, and of course dungeons.