I Gave PATH OF EXILE A Second Chance, You Should Too

Do you hate the attack system of Path Of Exile? Are you struggling to level up? Are you dying too much trying to beat bosses? You’re not alone, I’ve had the same problem.

After playing Diablo 3, I totally fell in love with grindy aRPG games. I went looking for more games like Diablo 3. That’s when I discovered Path Of Exile.

Path of Exile seemed almost identical to Diablo. In many ways, it was a lot like Diablo 2. I immediately downloaded the game started playing.

About 30 minutes into the game, I noticed that the game feels a bit weird. I noticed that the default strike in the game (left-click) only targets enemies that I target with my mouse cursor. So, if I wanted to take down a horde of enemies, I would have to point and click on them one by one.


Imagine doing this to take down dozens of enemies at a time. I kept dying only at the second mission of the game. I tried restarting with a tanky character, but the same thing happened.

This frustrated me to the point of abandoning the game.

Then, thanks to the YouTube algorithm that kept spying on my activity, I came across a YouTube series by a guy named Wolfian. This dude was doing an extensive walkthrough on Path of Exile.

This dude sure knew what he was talking about and I loved the way he explained things. The videos were more than just a walkthrough, he explained things like how gems work and which skills to use and more.

After watching the first video I realized I was playing the game wrong. Apparently, the default strike option is practically useless in this game. And you need to use the Mana skill as the default.

I went back into the game, excited to get a fresh start, made a new character and started from the beginning while focusing on a mana build. And it worked!


With right-click mana-based attacks as my default, I made my way through to the Act IV even without dying once. With some help from proper gem combinations, of course.

I’m so glad I gave this game a second chance because now I’m starting to believe that Path of Exile is actually better than Diablo 3. I’ll get more into that later.

If you’re also having trouble playing this game, especially with the attack mechanics and dying too much, my suggestion is to use mana attacks as default and learn to use the gems and the skill tree more effectively.

Try a tanky character like Marauder as your first character. He’s super fun to play as.

Also, check out the Wolfian’s Path of Exile survival guide. You can thank me later.