Cyberpunk 2077 tips and tricks

20+ Best CYBERPUNK 2077 Tips & Tricks For Beginners In 2023

If you’re jumping into the world of Cyberpunk 2077 for the first time or trying to make the most of your playthrough, these tips and tricks are for you.

Cyberpunk 2077 features a massive neon-covered world with tons of stuff for you to do and explore.

And it’s easy for you to get lost in this world and miss out on some of the important things you should do to improve your gameplay experience.

This list of Cyberpunk 2077 tips and tricks comes from my own experience playing the game. They are actually some of the things that I wish I knew when I first started playing the game.

I’m sure you’ll find at least a few tips to help improve your experience in the game. Have a look.

1. Disable Cloud Saves

Cyberpunk 2077 uses a cloud save feature that automatically uploads your saves to the cloud. This allows you to play your game across multiple platforms.

But if you’re like me and only play on one platform, disable this feature. You can do so via the settings menu.

I play on PC so there’s no need for me to have cloud saves. After disabling this, the game loads much faster and saving also happens instantly.

2. Loot Everything

cyberpunk 2077 loot

You’ll find tons of stuff lying around when exploring the Night City. Make sure to pick up everything.

Especially when defeating enemies, always check everywhere for loot.

Most of the items are garbage but you can sell them to make some quick eddies.

3. Save Money

There are lots of things you can buy in Cyberpunk 2077 like weapons, mods, cars, clothes, and more.

But earning money in this game can be tough. So spend your money wisely.

Check out my guide on money-making tips to learn some of the ways you can make eddies fast in the game.

4. Unlock Advanced Datamining

cyberpunk 2077 datamine

A great way to earn cash is by hacking into access points. Also known as breaching.

There are some machines and access points that you can hack into. After completing a puzzle, you can steal some decent cash from them.

The trick is to unlock the Advanced Datamining perk. This allows you to earn double the money from hacking.

You can watch this YouTube video if you don’t know how to solve the puzzles.

5. Acquire The Pack Mule Perk

One of the first perks you should get is the Pack Mule perk under the Athletics tab.

This increases your carry capacity.

You’ll find yourself running out of inventory space quite often so this should fix that problem. You can also install a cyber mod to gain more carry capacity.

6. Buy A Better Cyberdeck

Once you earn enough cash, make sure to upgrade your Cyberdeck to a better version.

The default deck you have will have limited ram capacity. You’ll be able to do more and hack much faster with a better Cyberdeck.

7. Try Smart Weapons

cyberpunk 2077 smart weapons

It took me a long time to realize how powerful smart weapons really are in Cyberpunk 2077. And they are so much fun to use.

You can even hit enemies behind the cover using smart weapons. Give these a try. And don’t be afraid to try out other types of weapons as well.

8. Experiment With Builds

One of the first things I normally do when playing an RPG is look up a good build online. But I did not do this for Cyberpunk 2077. I tried to come up with my own build. And it was super fun.

Don’t worry about being overpowered in the game. Just aim to have fun. Experiment with different perks and attributes according to the weapon type that you enjoy playing with.

Also, you can reset all perk points whenever you like.

9. Be A Samurai

cyberpunk 2077 samurai

One cool way to play Cyberpunk 2077 is as a Samurai.

It feels amazing to play the game with a katana sword and with the right perks, you can deal a ton of damage with a sword.

Give this a try if you’re struggling in the game or want to try something new.

10. Best Perks To Invest In

cyberpunk 2077 perks

As I mentioned earlier, one of the best perks to get in Pack Mule. And also get the Regeneration perk. It will allow your health to regenerate.

You should also get weapon damage boosting perks under Reflexes and Body trees. Of course, that totally depends on the type of weapon you enjoy playing with.

You can also target perks in other trees to focus on stealth or sword builds.

Just hover over a perk card and you’ll get a description explaining what the perk does. The rest is up to you.

11. Don’t Buy Vehicles, Yet

It costs over 1.7 million eddies to buy all the cars in the game. It will take you dozens of hours to earn that kind of cash in the game.

So don’t try to buy any vehicles, at least not until you upgrade your gear, weapons, and cyberware.

Plus, there are some cool rides you can get for free in the game. Just continue the main storyline and side quests, and you’ll come across them eventually.

12. Upgrade The Best Weapons

cyberpunk 2077 upgrade

Whenever you come across a legendary/iconic weapon, don’t throw it away.

You can upgrade these weapons as you level up to increase their stats. You can use them beyond the campaign and even in the endgame.

You can upgrade weapons via the Crafting menu.

13. Dismantle Junk

If you have a lot of low-level weapons or clothing items in your inventory, don’t sell them. Instead, you can dismantle them to get crafting resources.

You’ll need these crafting resources to upgrade your gear and craft new items. Especially ammo.

14. Practice Crafting

Crafting is an important part of Cyberpunk 2077. Whenever you run out of ammo, health kits, or just need to get back a weapon you lost, you can easily craft them yourself.

Try crafting some items to practice it. You can also earn a lot of money with crafting too. But it’s most useful for upgrading weapons.

15. Get Invisibility Mod

cyberpunk 2077 invisible mod

This is one of the coolest mods in Cyberpunk that you should get right away.

With this mod, you can become invisble for about 15 seconds. It has a 60 second cool down, which can be reduced by getting a higher rarity mod.

It’s quite useful when you have to sneap past enemies or when attacking big mobs.

16. Mind Your Dialogs

When talking to NPCs always pay close attention to your dialog options.

Don’t just speed run through the main dialog options. Try the other blue options. Sometimes they’ll unlock new paths and missions in the game.

17. Food Gives You Buffs

Consuming food is a great way to get cool buffs for your character.

Certain types of food will give you health, stamina, and various other types of buffs in the game. These will be very helpful when fighting tough enemies.

You can also sleep in the game to gain an XP buff.

18. Skip Time To Get Ahead

Sometimes the game will ask you to wait a few hours or a couple of days for the mission giver to contact you. Of course, you can skip past this waiting time.

You can go to your inventory and there you’ll see an option to skip time. Use this to skip ahead 24 hours.

19. Store Your Gear In The Trunk

cyberpunk 2077 stash

There’s a stash in your safe houses where you can store your most valuable items.

But did you know that you can access your stash from anywhere in the game? Well, you can.

All you need to do is summon one of your vehicles. Then go to its trunk area and you’ll see an option to open the stash.

20. Check Your Map Often

New events, gigs, and side quests will appear on your map quite often. They unlock as you progress in the game.

So make sure to check your map from time to time to find new gigs and events.

21. Enjoy The Side Quests

cyberpunk 2077 side missions

Side quests in Cyberpunk are much more fun than most of the main quests.

So don’t just do the main questline, try a few side gigs. They are great for earning money, XP, and street cred. And you’ll be surprised how good some of the quests really are.

22. Take A Stroll In Night City

cyberpunk 2077 open world

In my first playthrough, I only wanted to see how the game ends so I only did the main quests. And I regretted it.

In my second playthrough, I took things slow and played lots of side quests while doing the main quests. And it was so much fun.

I encourage you to do the same. Slow down. And try taking a stroll in the Night City during nighttime. It looks absolutely incredible.

I mean I only dreamed of exploring a neon-filled cyberpunk city like the one in Blade Runner. This game is the closest thing we have to it right now.

I’m still playing Cyberpunk 2077 daily and enjoying the game a lot. I will update this list with more tips as I go along. Enjoy the ride, chooms!