spacebourne 2 review 2023

Is SPACEBOURNE 2 Worth Playing?

Developed by just one person, this massive RPG features an open universe where you can explore, fight pirates, do mining, raid settlements, do trading, and so much more.

You can think of it as a single-player and a more stable version of Star Citizen, where you can enjoy a good campaign and side activities without crashing the desktop every 5 minutes.

I love space games and I jumped at the opportunity to play SpaceBourne 2. I’ve had a lot of fun flying my ship and doing on-foot FPS missions.

If you’re also thinking about buying this game and wondering if SpaceBourne 2 is worth playing, then my answer to you is a big YES!

SpaceBourne 2 is still in early access but the game has a ton of content you can enjoy. Here are some of the things I liked and disliked about the game.

What Is SpaceBourne 2?

SpaceBourne 2 is an RPG in space. It has spaceships, skill trees, character progression, weapons, guilds to join, freelancer missions, and more.

SpaceBourne 2 also has a decent campaign with story missions. You can progress at your own pace while enjoying other side activities.

It has many similarities to games like Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. And it was quite mind-blowing that this game was all made by one indie developer.

Slightly Old Graphics But It Feels Immersive

At first glance, the game will look like something from 2012. But after a while, I was so immersed in the game that I didn’t even notice it.

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And from time to time, I did stop by to admire the view and grab a screenshot.

SpaceBourne 2 offers a variety of missions and activities for you to do that are quite different from each other. This makes the game feel less repetitive and boring.

If you don’t like fighting space pirates in your ship, you can go do on-foot missions and raid settlements for loot.

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If you don’t like mining asteroids with your ship, you can eject and mine while you’re on-foot.

If you don’t like grinding for money to buy new ships and weapons, the game will give those to your for free as you progress.

Has A Great Tutorial

The problem with most space games is that they are very difficult for new players to understand. I rage quit twice and spent weeks before I finally learned to understand how to play Elite Dangerous.

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SpaceBourne 2 has a really great tutorial that explains all the game mechanics in a simple manner. I didn’t have to look for any outside guides or tutorials to learn my way around the game. That’s a sign of a really good RPG.

Voiceovers Are AI-Generated

Given that this game was developed by one developer with a small budget, he probably had to make some sacrifices in terms of quality in some areas of the game.

One area that needs work is the voiceovers for the NPCs. They have been generated using text-to-speech generators and they are very difficult to listen to.

I would’ve preferred if the developer went with just text-only dialogs.

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The other thing that bothered me was the user interface and its colors. The UI was so large and the colors were so bright that it actually interferes with the immersion of the game.

Is SpaceBourne 2 Worth Buying?

Since the game is still in early access, SpaceBourne 2 has its issues and you will come across an occasional bug here and there. But they aren’t game-breaking bugs.

If you’re tired of the grind in Elite Dangerous or had enough of dealing with bugs in Star Citizen, SpaceBourne 2 is a great alternative for you to try out.

Even if you’re new to space games, SpaceBourne 2 provides you with some fun ways to create your own gameplay loop in a simple single-player experience.

At only $20 dollars, SpaceBourne 2 is definitely a bargain of a game given how much value you get out of it in terms of gameplay time. Plus, you will be helping out a solo indie developer with every purchase.