Stardew valley where to get clay

Stardew Valley: How & Where To Get Clay (4 Methods)

In Stardew Valley, clay is a valuable raw material that can be used in various crafting and construction activities.

You can use various methods to collect clay in this game.

In this quick guide, I will help you figure out where to get clay in Starderw Valley.

Method 1: Till the Ground

till the soil

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to collect clay in Stardew Valley.

First and the easiest way to get clay is to till the ground. You can easily prepare the land for cultivation by using a scythe, hoe, pickaxe, and axe.

The scythe helps you to cut the grass and bushes while the pickaxe breaks the stones. The axe cuts the trees and woods.

After cleaning the land you can dig the area by using a hoe. When you dig the land, you can find clay.

Method 2: Aftifact Spots

artifact spots

The second method is the artifacts spots. In simple terms, artifact spots are the three worms that you can see in anywhere on the land. These worms seem like popping up and dancing.

Using the hoe you can dig that spot and find some valuable things and minerals like lost books, golden ore, etc. you can find clay here, especially during the winter season.

Method 3: Clay Nodes

You can also get clay from clay nodes which you can find at the ginger island dig site. Ginger island contains a dig site next to the island field office. But you can not access the area because the bridge is broken. Once you offer 10 golden walnuts to the parrot, you can repair it and unlocks the area. After that, you can find clay nodes in the area.

Method 4: Geodes


Another way to get clay is from geodes. You can find geodes from mining and skull cavern. Once you find geodes you can open that from the blacksmith for 25g. You will randomly receive clay from this process.

Also, you can receive clay as a gift from Jas or vincent at the feast of the winter star.

Through mining, you can also get clay, especially within the first 30 levels.

What You Can Craft Using Clay

build a silo

As mentioned earlier, you can use clay for various crafting and construction activities.

First, you can create quality retaining soil (2) by using 1 clay and 3 stones. If your inventory has these items, you can craft them by clicking on the craft tab.

Also, a garden pot can be crafted using 1 clay, 10 stones, and 1 refined quartz. These garden pots will help you to grow crops from any season when indoors.

A brick floor can be crafted using 2 clay and 5 stones. You can purchase it from the carpenter’s shop. You can use the brick floor to decorate your floor or create paths.

Fiber seeds can be obtained if you have 1 clay, 1 mixed seed, and 5 sap.

You can create deluxe retaining soil from 1 clay, 5 stones, and 3 fibers. This type of soil can stay watered overnight.

A bone mill can be crafted using 3 clay, 10 bone fragments, and 20 stones. Bone mills can turn bone items into fertilizers.

Most importantly, you can build a silo if you have clay. A silo is more important if you have animals, in order to store hay. You need 10 clay, 5 copper bars, 100 stones, and 100g to make a silo. Once you meet Robin, the carpenter, she will help you to make a silo.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you can easily find and get clay in Stardew valley. You can use clay for your various crafts and constructions in order to develop your farm.