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STARFIELD: How To Make Money Fast (5 Methods)

Money-making is an important part of almost every RPG, but in Starfield, things are a bit different.

Making lots of money in Starfield is not that important because all the best loot comes from doing the main missions and side quests.

But, if you’re looking to earn some quick bucks to upgrade your ship or buy a shiny new one, these methods will come in handy.

In short, the best way to make money fast in Starfield is to do some of the hidden side-quests. These are quests that aren’t visibly available to you. You can only unlock these quests by seeking out the quest givers.

More on that later. Now, let’s dive into the guide.

Method 1: Do the Galbank Quests

This is by far the best money-making questline I’ve found in Starfield.

In the Galbank questline, you become a debt collector. Your job is to find people who owe money to Galbank and collect debt payments.

The missions are very easy and they pay really well. In the first mission, I was able to earn about 10K credits.

If you settle the debt peacefully without killing the person, you will get paid more.

Each mission is different from one another so it’s quite interesting to follow those quests. And they are not as boring as it sounds. The third quest in particular was a big surprise.

To start the Galbank questline, you can visit the Galbank at the Commercial District in New Atlantis. Approach the guy at the counter and he will give you the quests.

Method 2: Become A Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunting is another fun way to make money.

Bounty-hunting jobs are available through mission boards. There are a few different types of jobs available and they all pay around 3-4K credits per job.

That’s not much, I know. But the real money is in the loot.

starfield bounty hunting

When you accept a bunting hunting job, make sure to take an assassination mission. These are jobs where you seek a big bad guy at a location on the planet. These locations are often filled with dozens of enemies and tons of loot.

After killing the bad guy, you can loot these locations to find lots of credits and valuable loot to sell to vendors.

If you can’t find a bounty-hunting mission board, there’s one in New Atlantis at the bar on the left, just past the spaceport.

Method 3: Steal and Sell Ships

Staling ships is one of the most fun activities in Starfield. Boarding ships while in space and taking them over was amazing.

But the easiest way to steal ships is to wait for them to land on planets and then sneak inside.

This is much faster and easier. You only need some lockpicking skills and piloting skills. Make sure to unlock those in the Perks menu.

You can make around 1-2K credits by stealing and selling ships.

The problem with this method is that you need to register a ship before selling them. This costs a big chunk of your profit.

starfield perks

But, someone on YouTube pointed out that you can sell parts instead to make bigger profits. Or you can register you ship from the ship menu, without going to the ship vendor, to register it for a much lower price.

Method 4: Do The Main Questline

Now, this may sound like common knowledge, but the best way to make credits is to just do the main quest line. No, really!

starfield main questline

There is one quest that pays you 250,000 credits. I won’t spoil you what the quest is but it’s a really fun quest.

Each main quest you complete will give you huge amounts of credits from 10K to 15K and even more. Make sure to go through these quests, even when playing in New Game Plus.

Method 5: Visit The News Station

This method won’t net you big amounts of money but it’s a nice way to make some extra cash without having to do anything.

All you have to do is visit the News Station in the Commercial District in New Atlantis. Then talk to the receptionist and tell them about your adventures.

As you complete your main and side quests, you will have lots of stories to share with these news reporters. And they will pay you handsomely for sharing the details.

They pay around 1.5K to 3K, depending on how many details you share with them.

It’s not much but a fun and easy way to make some credits to buy ammo.

In Conclusion

To wrap things up, I highly recommend you follow the main quests. They will give you a ton of credits. Other than that, do the Galbank quests and bounty hunting as well.

There are also hidden missions for things like drug smuggling, I’ll let you discover them on your own.

Also, when available, do the Mantis questline. You can thank me later!