Stardew valley how to move chest

Stardew Valley: How To Create & Move Chests (Step By Step Guide)

When you are mining, fishing, cultivating, and collecting some other items, you will have to find a place to store them.

Why? Because your inventory can only hold a limited number of items. And you will need a place to offload some of those things to make space in the inventory.

And you’ll need a place to store the items that you collect for later.

The best way to store your items in Stardew Valley is to craft a chest.

When you craft a chest, you can keep all your items in one place.

In this quick guide, I will show you how to build a chest and move it in Stardew Valley.

What Is A Chest?

Basically, a chest is a wooden box. In a chest, you can store all the things that you want.

For my own purpose, I have color graded all of my chests and put the items as foods, valuable items, things for the community center, etc.

How To Craft A Chest

how to craft a chest

What you need to build a chest is 50 woods. You can simply find some woods by cutting the trees on your farm using your axe.

After cutting 50 woods, you should press the “E” key and select the “Craft” menu. After that, you will appear a list of images. Select the image of the chest and you will have your chest in the inventory.

Then, you can place it where you want.

Where To Place Chests

You can place your chests near your cabin, inside the cabin, or anywhere on your farm.

But there are some other areas, where you can place your chests. But you have to note that if any other villager passed through a square where your chests are crafted, the chest will be destroyed.

Using this guide, you can find some safe paths to place your chest outside the farm.

How To Move Chests

how to move a chest

If you want to move your chest to another place, you need to consider about two things.

First, how to move an empty chest.

Second, how to move a loaded chest.

If your chest is empty, you can move your chest by hitting on it using a pickaxe, hoe, or axe.

When you hit on the chest it will remove from the floor and you can collect it into the inventory. After that, you can place it anywhere you want.

If your chest is loaded, you can not move the chest by hitting it using your pickaxe, hoe, or axe. What you need to do is to hit the chest without any tool 10 times continuously. And the chest will move one square in the direction you are hitting.

In Conclusion,

As you can see, moving a chest is really simple in Stadew valley. If you are stuck in moving your chest to another area, now you can simply do that.