Sims4 best careers

Sims 4: Top 5 Best Careers & How To Get Started

Are you trying to figure out what’s the best career for your sims? Then this guide will help you find the perfect job for your Sim.

There are many different careers to choose from in Sims 4 but some careers reward you with more money as well as lots of experience and adventure.

This is a list of some of the best careers in Sims 4 that I have chosen for my sims. They are guaranteed to help make you rich, or at least your sims will be rich.

So let’s begin.

1. Stylish Influencer

Stylish influencer

One of my favorite careers in Sims 4 is being a style influencer.

When your sims joined as style influencers, they will not only get financial strength but also promote new trends as well. I personally love to choose poorly dressed sims and give an upgrade to them.

You can simply choose the style influencer career by clicking on the career icon on the right side of the screen. You need to do some daily tasks like discussing fashion and improve some skills like painting, charisma, photography, etc.

Also, one of the best things in this career is your sims can either work from home or go to work as usual.

As style influencers, your sims can get additional income by writing articles, and columns, and selling paintings and photographs as well.

Your sims can choose one from the two branches; the stylist branch and the Trendsetter branch.

stylish influencer 2

Personally, I love to choose the trendsetter branch, in which my sims can create trends (What do you feel when the people around your sims wear what they create as a trend?) and at the same time I like the stylist branch as well which my sims can give a style makeover to others.

At the end of the day, your sims can earn approximately $2500-$3000 per day (except painting, article writing, or any other income) when they reached the maximum promotion as a style influencer.

2. Culinary


In the culinary career, you can decide whether your sims can be chefs or mixologists.

If your sims like cooking and mixology, you can help them to join culinary. As in the style influencer career, your sims have two options in the culinary as well. They can choose one among the two branches; a chef career and a mixologist career.

mixology skills

Your sims need to improve their cooking, gourmet cooking, mixology, and charisma skills levels as well to promote their culinary career.

You can level up these skills by cooking, watching a cooking channel, reading a cooking skills book, making a drink, practicing speech, and many more.

Also, your sims need to get inspired at the beginning level of the career.

When your sims reached the maximum level of the promotions, your sims can earn approximately $1900-$2500 from each branch.

3. Painter


If your sims are creative and love paintings, then you need them to join the painter career.

You may wonder how much a painter can earn per day. Right? Wait till the end and I will show you.

You can simply choose the painter career by using your phone or computer by clicking on finding a job. Then you can select the career painter.

The ideal mood for this career is to get inspired, which you can do by having a thoughtful shower.

Your sims need to improve their painting levels, which simply can do by painting and reading a book about painting skills.

Also, your sims can have an additional amount of income by selling their paintings.

In the painter’s career, there are two branches patron of the arts and master of the real. Your sims can choose any of these two branches.

When your sims reached the highest promotion of this career, they can earn $1640 per day in the patron of the arts branch and $2640 in the master of the real branch.

4. Astronaut


Astronaut career is the toughest to get promoted and sims easily get exhausted.

If your sims have active traits and are energized, this will be easy for you.

The basic mood of this career is to get focused, by playing chess or using a telescope, and many more methods.

At level 4, your sims need to be energized.

Your sims need to improve their logic skills and fitness skills to get promoted and play chess, read a logic skills book, exercise or work out in a gym and drink an energized drink can improve those skills.

Also, you need to improve your rocket science skills, if you select the space ranger path.

The best part of this career is your sims can DO A SPACE MISSION as well.

The astronaut career also has two branches, which are the space ranger branch and the interstellar smuggler branch.

As a space ranger, your sims can earn $2954 per day at the highest promotion and in the interstellar smuggler branch, your sims can earn $3717 at the highest promotion.

5. Freelancer


I love this career as much as a style influencer. This is also one of the best careers in Sims 4 while you can earn more money.

You can select the freelancer career by going through the job list by clicking on the find a job using your phone or computer.

Then you need to select one from the 3 agencies;  computer experts electrified artists and fighting words.

Then you need to find gigs and fulfill the tasks that the client asks for. Initially, you will earn a few amounts of money. But when you improve your skills in each agency you can earn more.

Also, you can earn additional money as a freelancer, for example, if you choose a fighting words agency, you will work as a freelance writer and when you improve your writing skills, you can write children, fantasy, science fiction, screenplay, nonfiction books and by selling it you can earn more money.

In Conclusion

As you can see, these careers are the best that I played so far. On the other hand, it is not only giving you a lot of money (in the first place, my sims lived in a small home and now their grandsons and daughters are living in a mansion), you have some cool tasks to do without feeling bored.