Medieval Dynasty review

Is Medieval Dynasty Worth Playing In 2024?

Medieval Dynasty is a unique survival RPG that combines crafting and town building into one perfectly balanced game.

Medieval Dynasty is a game that’s worth playing, especially if you’re into survival/crafting games with a medieval theme.

Even though the game was released in 2020, the developers have been rolling out updates for Medieval Dynasty over the past few years.

In a recent update, Medieval Dynasty received one of the most-requested features: co-op play. Even though I didn’t get to play the game with friends, it’s nice to know I have the option.

The game appears to be in a well-polished and decent stage right now. So I took this opportunity to check it out.

This is my short overview of Medieval Dynasty and my experience playing the game in December 2023. And don’t worry, this is spoiler-free!

My First Impressions

I dived into the game knowing nothing about it. I didn’t watch any gameplay videos, tutorials, or anything.

However, I was able to easily progress my way through the game without any outside help from the very beginning.

Medieval Dynasty 1

The only time I had trouble figuring something out was when a quest tasked me with building an axe. It didn’t tell me to access a gear wheel so I had to look that up. Maybe there was a tutorial and I missed it. Either way, that was the only time I looked up a tutorial online for this game.

I appreciate games that don’t hold your hand all the way but also do a great job of walking you through the game mechanics without interfering with the player experience. Medieval Dynasty is a great example of that.

In the first few hours, I enjoyed doing a few story quests, running around the map, building a house, setting up traps for animals, and getting attacked by a boar.

Medieval Dynasty 2

I spent several hours playing the game without even realizing it was way past midnight.

If you’ve played games like Rust (like me), you will find right at home with the building and crafting system of Medieval Dynasty. It’s quite similar but with much more options and items to craft.

Medieval Dynasty is a fantastic survival game, especially for beginners. Even though the game has lots of deep survival mechanics and gameplay elements, it does a great job of introducing them to new players, one item at a time.

medieval dynasty 8

I also enjoyed the questing experience in Medieval Dynasty. There were so many dialogs in the game with very little impact. And I wished some NPCs had voiceovers.

Other than that, it was nice to have some story missions and side quests to keep myself busy while I level up my skills and experience.

I’m still half-way in my playthrough and building my own town. And I can’t wait to put more hours into this game. And maybe even start another playthrough to do some roleplaying as a character.

Extensive Crafting Mechanics

I was blown away by the crafting system in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty 3

There are tons of things for you to craft and unlock in the game. Most of the items are locked behind a skill/perk tree that you have to unlock while progressing in the game.

This ensures you’ll have dozens of hours enjoying unlocking things in this game.

Medieval Dynasty 6

For me, the most fun part was chopping down trees and mining rocks and then selling them to make some money. I just love farming resources in survival games.

Choose Your Profession

Whether you enjoy farming, hunting, fishing, or even gathering resources for profit, there are many different professions you can pursue in Medieval Dynasty.

It will take a while for you to get into these professions, but once you do, it will change the way you play this game and bring more enjoyment to every minute you spend in it.

Fun Town Management

I’m just getting into the town management system in Medieval Dynasty and it’s quite impressive.

In Medieval Dynasty, you start from the bottom and work your way up to building your own little village. You can recruit villagers and even get married and have your own family. That’s a big part of the game and there are things that you’ll be surprised to discover after getting married and having children.

NPCs and Romancing

The only criticism I have of Medieval Dynasty is its NPCs and the very long dialogs. There are just so many dialogs that could have been much shorter.

Medieval Dynasty romance

Romancing options were also very mundane. I was able to increase my romancing points with one lovely villager by saying the same thing over and over. And she didn’t seem to mind it.

At least adding some voiceovers would have made the NPCs feel more immersive. But, given that this is a survival game, I chose to overlook that aspect of the game. After all, there’s just so much to do in the game.

Medieval Dynasty Roadmap 2024 And Beyond

Right now, Medieval Dynasty has more players on Steam than most other MMOs. And this is not even an MMO! Medieval Dynasty also has very positive reviews on Steam.

Medieval Dynasty roadmap

Developers also have plans to support the game throughout 2024 and beyond. This includes the Co-op update on consoles and more content/expansions for the game. They are also free!

Is It Worth Playing?

As a fan of survival games, I enjoyed Medieval Dynasty much more than I thought I would. I had a lot of fun playing Conan Exiles and Medieval Dynasty is even more fun than that game.

So, yes! Medieval Dynasty is well worth playing in 2024!

The game feels well-polished and I haven’t encountered any bugs or glitches yet. I still have a ton of perks and skills to unlock. As well as get into farming and cooking. And I can’t wait to discover them all.

Medieval Dynasty is a game that’s worth it at full price. And I rarely recommend games at full price. But, if you’re low on budget, the game often goes on sale on Steam.