house flipper 2 review

Is House Flipper 2 Worth Playing In 2024?

My wife loves cleaning the house but I just hate it. Don’t get me wrong, I like to keep things clean. But I never enjoy cleaning.

So when I bought House Flipper on Steam during a sale, many years ago, I never imagined it to be a game I’d be playing for months.

I just grabbed the game because it was cheap but before I knew it, I was hooked. I spent hours upon hours cleaning houses, destroying walls, building stuff, and decorating like I was a housewife.

Don’t tell my wife but I actually enjoyed it. That peaceful vibe to painting and clearing things out in virtual houses is quite amazing.

Needless to say, when I saw that House Flipper 2 was coming out, I rushed to wishlist it on Steam. Better yet, I even received a code from the developers to check it out (not sponsored).

I already spent a good amount of hours in the game. And if you’re still wondering, House Flipper 2 is definitely worth playing. It’s an improvement over its predecessor in every possible way. And it greatly enhances the gameplay to make flipping houses much more fun.

My First Impressions

house flipper 2 getting started

When I started playing House Flipper 2, I was simply expecting a basic sequel to the original game where we get some improvements and some expansions. But I was wrong!

House Flipper 2 is much more than just a real estate agent simulator and it expands upon the original game by adding lots of new functions, mechanics, and enhanced graphics.

As I started progressing through the Story mode, doing some cleaning jobs for random folks, I noticed how smooth and interactive the game feels

house flipper 2 painting

Every gameplay mechanic, from cleaning to painting, plastering walls and tiles, vacuuming floors, and even buying and selling items, feels highly engaging. Needless to say, they are much more interactive than the first game.

When painting walls, you actually feel like you’re painting the walls. Instead of clicking and moving the mouse, you get a feel of the process.

house flipper 2 call

Every job feels unique. During the basic jobs, you will get calls from the employers to explain about the job. And sometimes ask for additional tasks for you to do. This is a nice improvement that boosts the immersion of the game.

Of course, there are lots of things for you to do in addition to the jobs as well. You also own your own house, which you can renovate and decorate as you progress in the game.

For me, the most fun part was cleaning. I really enjoyed the new garbage-collecting mechanic and the window-cleaning process.

New Features

There are a ton of new features and improvements in House Flipper 2 and there are a few that are worth mentioning here.

The first big improvement is the House Flipper Sense. This is like a scan feature that you can do to scan the area to check for anything that you’ve missed.

This has been a huge time saver for me as I was able to scan to detect areas I have missed when cleaning.

house flipper 2 map

House Flipper 2 also has a much larger map and areas to explore.

house flipper 2 scenery

When visiting houses, you will get to enjoy the beautiful views too. It’s not as closed-up as the original game.

The game also has a new Sandbox mode. This game mode allows you to build a house from scratch.

house flipper 2 perks

The Perks system also makes the game more enjoyable and gives you a reason to keep playing to level up your character.

house flipper 2 decorating

And the decorating system has been expanded to include tons of new items and ways to renovate houses. There are just so many choices.

Enhanced Graphics

house flipper 2 graphics

Coming from the first game, the most noticeable thing in House Flipper 2 is the enhanced graphics. It’s quite phenomenal how great this game looks.

However, that also makes a heavy impact on the system resources. This game requires a minimal 6GB graphic card to play the game while recommended specs require an 8GB card. In comparison, Call of Duty MW3 only requires a 2GB graphics card.

I played the game on my RTX 2060 laptop with max settings and DLSS and it ran quite well, only with occasional FPS drops in some areas.

Expect Lots Of DLCs

The original House Flipper received a ton of expansions and DLCs over the years. And we can expect the same treatment for the sequel as well.

There will be at least 2 new DLCs released in 2024 and more beyond. The developers have already outlined a roadmap covering all the improvements and updates coming to the game.

It’s always good to see this sort of public roadmap for games to ensure the developer’s commitment to games.

Should You Buy House Flipper 2?

I’m already addicted to House Flipper 2 so my opinion may be biased. But, I think it’s an overall improvement to the original game. If you enjoyed House Flipper, you will definitely enjoy the sequel even more.

However, that doesn’t mean this game is perfect. There is still room for improvement. Especially in terms of performance, the game needs to be optimized a little better. You’ll need a pretty decent PC to run this game at max settings.

House Flipper 2 is already going on sale. So keep an eye out for a Steam sale to grab it at a discount. Although, it’s definitely worth buying, even at full price. Especially for those of you who enjoy a chill simulation game.