division 2 how to get exotics

How To Get Exotics in DIVISION 2 Without Grinding (Easy)

The endless grind for the best loot is what makes The Division 2 fun. But, the low drop-rates and having to deal with high-level enemies takes all the fun away.

If you’re tired of grinding for exotics that you rarely get, this method will help you get an exotic every week without having to deal with any enemies.

Simply put, you can now get an exotic every week by completing the Weekly SHD Requisition project.

Now, I know most of you veteran players already know this but I found out that many new players are still not aware of this mission. And I wanted to make this short guide for all the beginners.

Let’s get to it.

Step 1: Activate the Weekly SHD Project

Get started by activating the Weekly SHD Requisition project. This weekly project will be available to players who have completed the main campaign.

division 2 how to get exotics 1

Go to the map and then switch over to the Projects tab to activate it.

This project rewards you with an Exotic cache. It contains one random exotic item. It could be a weapon or an armor piece.

To complete the project, all you have to do is donate resources. You can do that directly from the project menu.

Step 2: Loot Resources

If you don’t have enough resources to donate to the project, you’ll have to go for a loot run.

There will be different types of resources you must donate to complete the project.

Where can you find these resources?

division 2 how to get exotics 2

It’s simple. Open the map and zoom-in. And then look for the corresponding icon for the type of resource you’re looking for.

If you find a green resource icon, jump in there, and gather the resources.

Each resource spot contains 75 or more resource items. Keep looting until you have enough to donate.

Once you complete all the donations, you’ll be rewarded with the exotic cache.

division 2 how to get exotics 3

Step 3: Repeat Every Week

The Weekly SHD Requisition project refreshes every Tuesday. Make sure to complete it to grab a shiny exotic without an effort.

Also, make it a habit to jump in and fill up your loot bag with all types of resources. So that next time you can easily complete the Weekly SHD Requisition project without having to run around the map.

division 2 how to get exotics 4

I managed to grab a few exotic weapons and armor pieces using this method alone. I hope you’ll get lucky as well.