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Dying to know more about Dying Light 2?

Well then, you’ll be glad to know that Dying Light 2 will live on for 5 years and more after its initial release.

The devs behind Dying Light 2 released an update via Twitter to share their future post-launch plans for the game.

Let me tell you, they have pretty big plans in terms of content updates.

In a tweet, they promised that the game will be updated with new stories, events, locations, and DLCs for 5 years after launch.

dying light 2 content

This is a bold promise for sure but the original Dying Light game still received updates, DLCs, and events even 7 years after launch. So rest assured, the devs will surely live up to this promise.

A more detailed look at the post-launch content roadmap was also revealed. This includes free DLC content and possible premium story DLCs in the future.

dying light 2 content roadmap

In an earlier tweet, the devs shared that it would take about 500 hours to fully complete everything in the game.

dying light 2 how long to beat

Needless to say, there’s plenty of stuff to do in the game while you wait for new content.

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