division 2 gear sets chart

DIVISION 2 Brand Sets, Gear Sets & Talents Stat Charts In One Place [Infographic]

Division 2 keeps improving and changing the stats for its loot and gear with every update. This makes it quite frustrating to find relevant guides for hunting specific brand sets online.

It becomes quite a pain in the butt when you spend hours grinding for a gear set only to find all the stats are changed because you’ve been using an outdated guide.

SHD agent Lil-cooks on Twitter took matters onto their own hands to fix this problem. And decided to create a detailed infographic with all stats for the Division 2 brand sets and gear sets.

It even shows you the effects you get from equipping each piece of the brand set. Updated on 26th July 2020.

Check them out below (click to enlarge).

division 2 brand sets stat sheet

division 2 brand sets 2

division 2 talents 1

division 2 talents 2

(Source: Lil-Cooks Twitter / Flickr)