BORDERLANDS 3 Tips: A Quick Way To Farm Money In Early Game (10k In 10 Minutes)

One thing that sucks about Borderlands 3 is that it costs a lot of in-game money to refill your ammo.

Once you equip yourself with a few weapons and SDUs it costs you a few thousands to refill the ammo.

And you must refill it often because some enemies can be annoying bullet sponges.

So I was always looking for a way to earn money fast and I figured out a neat way to make a few thousand without an effort.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, you must progress your way to Eden 6. Where you will go to a certain manor as a part of the main campaign.
  2. Once you go inside the manor, go upstairs.
  3. There you will find a weapon chest containing 4 weapons. Grab those guns and head downstairs.
  4. Go to the ammo vending machine and sell the guns you just grabbed from the chest. It will give you around 800-1000 in cash.
  5. Now open the game menu and quit to the title screen. Don’t worry, there’s a save post inside the manor and you’ll respawn inside the house.
  6. Now get back into the game. Go upstairs and you’ll find the chest is full again.
  7. Collect the guns, sell them, rinse and repeat.

Sometimes you’ll even find rare guns in the chest. They sell for higher rates.

I managed to earn about 10k within a few minutes. I know it’s tedious work but I always like to have some extra cash in case there’s a better gun up for sale at Marcus.

I’m still progressing through Borderlands 3 and if I find a better strategy, I’ll surely update this post. Or if you know any good tips please share it in the comments.